Dream about guy holding your hand

Dream about Guy Holding Your Hand is a harbinger for a cryptic message from your subconscious. You are ready to move forward toward the future. You need to accept some decision. This dream expresses your quest for adventure and life experiences. You are on the right track in life and headed in the right direction.

Guy in your dream is sometimes some overwhelming struggle, shock, loss or catastrophe in your life. Your true self is lost or blurred. You are hiding an aspect of yourself. Your dream is an indication for issues of dependency and hopelessness. You are experiencing doubts in yourself.

Hold dream symbolises your desire to help others or give back. Perhaps you are letting petty problems or insignificant issues eat away at you. You need to extend or reach out to something or someone. This dream hints some unresolved feelings of anxiety or separation. You are not obedient.

Hand in this dream is a signal for overwhelming anger or evil. You may be deceived by the false appearance of someone. You need to focus on the task at hand and try not to let your emotions cloud your judgment. Your dream is your hot temper. You are being restrained or inhibited from expressing yourself.

Dreaming of Guy and Hold and Hand

Guy and Hold is a message for your facade and what you allow other people to see or know about you. You are moving toward your goals at a slow and steady pace. Perhaps there is something that you are now seeing more clearly. Your dream is an evidence for great abundance, freedom and happiness. You need to spring into action.

Guy and Hand is a signal for a high state of consciousness. You are feeling anxious about some event or task in your life. You need to be patient. This dream is how you are able to let go of the past and accept the loss. You are placing complete trust in a person.

Dream About Hold Hands hints your need for spiritual nourishment and enlightenment. You need to concentrate on the more important things in life. You are feeling anxious about how you have handled certain issues in your life. The dream points to culture, sophistication and grace. You are progressing through your life’s path and working toward your goal.

Dream about Guy Holding Your Hand points to unrequited love, longing and pain. You are unprepared for something. You are experiencing some turbulent times. Your dream suggests excitement, lust, or sensuality. You have difficulty enjoying the sweeter things in life.

Sometimes, dream about guy holding your hand is unfortunately a warning for a relationship or situation that is meaningless. There is a situation where you just need to grin and bear it. Things are not coming together the way you want it to. The dream is unfortunately a warning alert for manipulation, action and non-verbal communication. There is some situation or problem that you need to master and get a handle on.

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