Dream about hair legs

Dream about Hair Legs is mystery, richness, smoothness. or some alluring quality. You are in an elevated position. There is a weakness in your way of thinking. Your dream is a portent for your abilities and creativity. You are feeling overwhelmed, shocked and disappointed.

Hair Legs indicates bright ideas that are coming out of your subconscious. You are about to embark on a new adventure in your personal life. You need to listen up. Your dream is a hint for charity and your willingness to offer your assistance. You feel you are self-destructing.

Dreaming of Hair and Leg

Hair in your dream is an omen for your anxieties about really asking a person out. You feel disrespected. You are letting others make decisions for you. Your dream is a sign for friendships or relationships that have gone awry. You are reaching out to others, but do not have their best interest in mind.

Hair in this dream is a metaphor for a forceful and jolting outpour of repressed thoughts or urges. You are looking for someone to lean on. You need to better compartmentalize your mind and organize your thoughts. Your dream is a clue for your labor and hard work. You need to raise your goals and set your sights higher.

Leg in dream is a sign for grief, anger, or distress. You are looking for reassurance and support for your decisions. You may be hesitant in pursuing a new direction in your life due to fear, pressure, personal conflict or moral obligation. The dream means security, nurturance, protection and feminine qualities. You are afraid of letting the past go.

Leg dream means your need to be protected. You are experiencing an isolation period. You are involved in some bitter rivalry. This dream is a signal for something that you are holding onto for too long. You need to release some harmful feelings in order to regain control.

Dream about both “Hair” and “Leg” is sadly a warning for your weaknesses, character flaws or fragileness. You are completely oblivious to what is going around you. You are lacking confidence in yourself. Your dream signals a lack of self-worth. You are not catering to your spiritual needs.

Dream about hair legs expresses sturdiness. You are feeling restless. Your father or mother has wronged you in some way. The dream is an indication for an ending of something. You need to be careful with those around you.

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