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Dream about hairy chin

Dream about Hairy Chin represents enlightenment. You should take some time to relax and find peace of mind. You should be able to easily deal with your feelings. The dream denotes fertility, sensuality, gluttony or vitality. You are headed toward a new direction or goal.

Hairy Chin is a premonition for some negative force that is working against you. You are setting a new precedence for something. You may be questioning what you really want to do with your life. Your dream is an omen for your connection to your spirituality. You admire or look up to the person being levitated.

Dreaming of Hairy and Chin

Chin in dream signals concerns about your health. Perhaps you are trying to rid yourself of certain aspects of your character. You need more diversity and spontaneity. The dream stands for you may be looking for some form of approval. You are being kept out of some activity or situation.

Dream about both “Hairy” and “Chin” is a warning for misfortune and bad luck. Perhaps you are lacking your own identity. You are stuck in a routine where you are doing things by rote. Your dream is a signal for your lack of originality. Someone is trying to cause you problems and give you stress in your life.

Dream about hairy chin means your past and your current life experiences. Perhaps you are seeking protection from the elements. You will be thwarted in some desire that you held ever so highly in your life. The dream is about spiritual enlightenment, hope, new ideas and visions. Sometimes you need to take a break and reconnect with loved ones.

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