Dream about handcuff

Dream about Handcuff is a metaphor for your thrifty nature and your unwillingness to take risks. You or someone else is using their position of power to do harm. Perhaps someone is looking for your help in something. This dream is protection or shield of your inner self. You are too easily distracted lately.

Handcuff stands for a sense of freedom and openness that is lacking in your daily life. You feel that you are under attack. You are tongue-tied. Your dream refers to your need to control others and show them who is in charge. Perhaps you need to show more passion or be more open with your emotions.

Dream about Handcuff [shackle that consists of a metal loop that can be locked around the wrist; usually used in pairs] is a portent for loneliness. You may be putting yourself in some sort of danger, either physical or mental. You are being ignorant about some situation. The dream hints confusion and ambiguity in the direction of your life. You are behaving childish or immaturely.

Dream about Manacle [confine or restrain with or as if with manacles or handcuffs] signifies feelings of self-guilt. You need to get a move on things. Perhaps you are getting engaged if you are single. Your dream is a message for you cold feelings. You are being followed by a person that you don’t know.

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Priscilla B

I dreamt I was handcuffed and on my knees. In front of me is some I greatly desire from my past but we’re separated by a locked gate. Behind him is his mother who does condone or support the relationship. Behind me is his father who loves and supports us. We’re trying to get the gate open so we can be together. I’m reaching through to gate and touching him.