Dream about having aneurysm

Dream about Having Aneurysm is a signal for a fresh outlook on your life. Some situation in your life has put you on guard. You have a handle on a situation or on life. This dream refers to how you like to whine about things. You have achieved your goals and want everyone to know it.

Having Aneurysm signifies purity and cleansing of the body. Something important has just been made aware to you. Perhaps you have put your own goals on hold. Your dream denotes relaxed state of mind. You are looking for a strong foundation and some stability.

Dreaming of Have and Aneurysm

Have in your dream is a harbinger for some unresolved issues and tension with your friend or coworker. Someone or some situation is putting heavy demands on you. You are ready for change and move in a different direction. Your dream represents your pissy attitude. You need to rid yourself of something from your life.

Have in this dream signifies your desires to be noticed. You are reaching out to others, but do not have their best interest in mind. You are having difficulties contacting to others. The dream is an omen for some aspect of yourself that you need to acknowledge or recognize within yourself. You are trying to change your beliefs and alter your ideas in order to conform to others.

Aneurysm in dream is a harbinger for your anxieties and fixation with time. You may be over-thinking a problem. You are ill prepared for the changes in your life. The dream signifies your fear or guilt. There is a habit that you need to break.

Aneurysm dream is a symbol for ignorance, the subconscious, evil, death and fear of the unknown. You may need to cleanse yourself of past feelings and start fresh. You are trying to control or manipulate an object. Your dream indicates a needy or codependent relationship. You need to use your head.

Dream about both “Have” and “Aneurysm” is a hint for loss of vitality, loss of faith in yourself and lack of self-confidence. You may have difficulties in communicating your thoughts across and getting the right words out. Your hard work and abilities are not going unnoticed. The dream is unfortunately a warning signal for your feelings toward emotions and your attitudes toward femininity and masculinity. You are stuck in a rut and need to make some changes of where your life is headed.

Dream about having aneurysm is a signal for the knowledge you have accumulated over the years. You are taking a step back and looking carefully at the facts. You may be experiencing some anxieties and stress in your domestic life. The dream points to your ability to rise above any situation. Draw and learn from your past experiences and lessons.

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