Dream about having black eyes

Dream about Having Black Eyes stands for mystery and the unknown. Someone is watching you and is waiting for you to take a misstep. You need to indulge yourself in life’s pleasure. Your dream is a harbinger for your high aspirations that may be way beyond your reach at the present moment. You are downplaying the role that others had in your success.

Have in your dream means an aspect of yourself that you are slowly learning about or acknowledging. You need to learn to think for yourself. You are being manipulated. This dream is a symbol for your attitudes toward a relationship. Perhaps there is an issue that you need to address with a lady.

Black dream signals a self-destructive behavioral pattern. You are expressing yourself in an inappropriate manner. Perhaps you are wallowing in your own self-pity. Your dream is sometimes your need to expand your thinking/knowledge and challenge yourself mentally. You are holding onto an earlier part of yoru life where you felt more depended on and more needed.

Eye in this dream is a metaphor for sudden changes in a situation. You need to deviate from your plans. You need to give more in some relationship or situation. The dream represents repressed memories of child abuse. You are looking for some sort of nourishment.

Dreaming of Have and Black and Eye

Have and Black signifies mistrust. You are confident about the decisions you are making. You are trying to keep a certain feeling or hope alive. Your dream refers to goodness, purity, protection, comfort and consolation. You are easily influenced or lured into dangerous situations.

Dream About Having Eye is an indication for your stamina. You have to tell the truth about a situation. You feel exposed. The dream expresses how you act and behave in your life. You are pondering a life-altering decision.

Dream About Black Eye expresses the balance between the masculine power and the feminine mystique. You know how to stay objective. You are able to see the bright side of a negative situation. This dream means rebirth and rejuvenation. You are thinking ahead to the future.

Dream about Having Black Eyes suggests your developing abilities and budding talents. You need to look at the issues from a different perspective. You approach life to your own rhythm and beat. Your dream suggests a need for emotional and spiritual cleansing. You are expanding your knowledge and understanding.

Sometimes, dream about having black eyes states a period of cleansing and purification. You feel that you are unable to hold your own or stand up for yourself. You feel you are being limited by the choices presented to you. The dream draws attention to feelings of insecurities and concerns about your performance in an area of your life. There is some issue that requires a soothing touch.

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