Dream about having hernia

Dream about Having Hernia refers to a spiritual journey and enlightenment where you will feel rewarded at the end. You are putting up front because you are afraid to show your true self. You need to come to terms with the changes in your life. The dream suggests the need to hold some situation or relationship together. You are letting others determine where you go or decide on your goals.

Having Hernia is a harbinger for a memory and brain power. You have a chance to accomplish something great in an area of your life. You will rise to a position of prominence and power. The dream signals harmony in your life. You are refusing to acknowledge some characteristics may be affecting your performance and creative flow.

Dreaming of Have and Hernia

Have in your dream means something that you need to act quickly on or someone else will. There is something harming or interfering with your emotional well being. You have found the truth to a situation or an answer to a problem. This dream stands for self-blame or guilt. You are fixated on the negative aspects of your life.

Have in this dream suggests a life situation where you are being put on the defensive. You are being hard headed about some issue. You are feeling powerless, anxious or frustrated. Your dream is feelings of hopelessness about some situation or circumstance. Perhaps it is time for a tropical getaway.

Hernia in dream suggests unknown danger lurking from the depths of your subconscious. You are not afraid to let others know that you are in charge. You need to put your ideas or plans on hold. This dream signals a part of yourself that has died. You need to draw on your old associations with your former classmates to gain insight in some current relationship.

Hernia dream states your ability to defend yourself in a situation. You need to appreciate the different experiences in your life even though they are not what you may be accustomed to. You have achieved a higher level of growth and learning and are at a turning point in your life. Your dream is a premonition for your need to break free from a routine, old idea, or a relationship. You are acknowledging certain feelings or acquiring new resources.

Dream about both “Have” and “Hernia” is unfortunately an alert for your lack of understanding in some area of your life. Your focus is being divided into too many directions. Even though you may change your outer appearances, it does not change who you are on the inside. The dream is sadly an emotional or relational problem. You need to find a productive way to express your feelings before it grows out of control.

Dream about having hernia suggests your high and upbeat energy level. You have a zest for life. You are flipping back and forth on a decision. This dream denotes the power of love and its ability to penetrate through to anyone. You may be putting up a front instead of addressing the core matter at hand.

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