Dream about having no eyelashes

Dream about Having No Eyelashes is about nurturance and richness. Various aspects of your life are coming together. Life is going well for you. The dream signifies longevity and good health. You may be about to enter into a serious commitment or relationship in the near future.

Having No Eyelashes is an indication for much travels in your future. You have attained a new level of awareness. Your actions and words may easily be misinterpreted. This dream symbolises inspiration and renewal. You may also be seeking some form of acceptance.

Dreaming of Have and Eyelash

Have in your dream draws attention to criticism and gossip. You are trying to escape from some current situation. You are your own person and you are not afraid to voice your own opinions. The dream represents your level of power in some situation of your life. You are hanging on to a hopeless endeavor or relationship.

Have in this dream is your readiness for an upcoming task or event. You want to remain ambiguous. You are going against the path that others have laid out for you. The dream denotes your spirituality and expression of your feelings about divinity. You need to think things through before carrying out your actions.

Eyelash in dream is a signal for an extension of your own self that you are projecting. Perhaps, you need to look at things from a different perspective. You feel that you are not able to express yourself and communicate your feelings. Your dream represents repressed emotions or feelings that needs to be released. You are experiencing some fear in using your psychic abilities and believing in your intuition.

Eyelash dream is a portent for some rugged or tough force. You need to carefully think through the situation before making a decision. You are trying to connect with an aspect of a person. This dream is sometimes your fear of change. Your true self is lost or blurred.

Dream about both “Have” and “Eyelash” is a sign for betrayal, hostility, or reconciliation with an angry friend. If you wait too long, then the opportunity may escape. You need to express your anger in a more controlled and healthy manner. This dream draws attention to a lost in innocence, impurity and uncleanness. You may not be in tune with your feminine side.

Dream about having no eyelashes represents your attitudes, strengths, burdens and stance in the world. You are channeling a higher energy. You are ashamed about something. Your dream is a clue for some idea or a feeling emerging from the subconscious. You are part of a love triangle where you are in love with the same person.

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