Dream about having sick

Dream about Having Sick is a clue for your desire to be the center of attention. Success will come as a result of your determination. You always compare yourself with others and look at what other people have. Your dream signifies your growing confidence, high self-esteem and increasing skills. A present situation or relationship is making you feel helpless and powerless.

Having Sick is a harbinger for energy, effort, encouragement and motivation. You are always readily available to those who need your help. You are also opening yourself up to criticism. The dream states your stamina and durability. You are separating your mind from your body.

Dreaming of Have and Sick

Have in your dream is a portent for your struggle with issues of fear and guilt. You are approaching your problem all wrong. You need to show more determination in achieving your goals. The dream is a portent for a harmonious situation. You are being misled into thinking that you are in power or that you are in full control.

Have in this dream indicates inner riches, untapped resources and unexpressed talents. You may feel threatened by a person’s abilities or suspicious of their motivations. You need to have more cautious in your behaviors to others. This dream is an omen for anxieties toward your emotional feelings. You need to look at the overall picture on some issue.

Sick in dream states your giving nature. Perhaps what you portray or project does not match who you really are inside. You are not able to face the nastiness. Your dream indicates extravagance and overindulgence. You need time to cool off and calm down.

Sick dream means your ability to process emotions quickly. Perhaps you need to let go of the past and stop holding on to what was and concentrate on what is. Someone may be sucking away your energy and resources. The dream is a premonition for your anxieties about trying to fit in or being well-suited for your changing role. Some pursuits may not be financially beneficial but you are enriching your mind.

Dream about both “Have” and “Sick” indicates an immature attitude, a playful nature and the mischievous side of your personality. You are struggling against deceit, falsehood and jealousy. Dropping everything to tend to someone else’s needs without hesitation. The dream hints lost love, missed opportunities or drained emotions. You are reluctant in asserting you rights and standing up for yourself.

Dream about having sick is sometimes self discovery. You are attempting to protect yourself from your emotions and actions. You live and thrive on life’s challenges. This dream stands for something familiar yet different. You have successfully come to a resolution of some problem.

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