Dream about having two sets of twins

Dream about Having Two Sets Of Twins hints your shadow. You are releasing pent up excitement. You are so worried that you will forget something. This dream is a portent for transformation or healing. One person can make a difference.

Have in your dream is a signal for your habit of making demands on people and controlling situations around you. You are unsure of your own feelings or how to express yourself. You are regressing and cutting yourself off from feeling emotions. The dream is your passivity in a situation. Perhaps a situation or relationship has turned sour.

Set dream stands for an unusual disturbance in your soul. Things are looking up for you. You may be repressing your desires. The dream points to suppressed emotions that are coming to the surface and needing to be addressed. You need to stand up for yourself and let your voice be known.

Twin in this dream symbolises resurrection, reincarnation and fertility. You need to proceed with care and caution. You need to change your attitudes about your preconceived notions. Your dream is a portent for someone who is terminally ill or your own fears of death. Perhaps you need to be more vocal and be heard.

Dreaming of Have and Set and Twin

Have and Set refers to hard work ahead for you. You are detail-oriented and are always striving toward perfection. You are able to steer something toward a direction. Your dream suggests codependency. You are cruising through situations in your life with ease and little effort.

Dream About Have Twins is a clue for some imbalance and disharmony in your life. You are taking a new approach to life. It is a time for growth. Your dream refers to a feeling of insecurities. You are under tremendous mental stress.

Dream About Two Sets Of Twins is a metaphor for peace, tranquility, harmony, affection and innocence. Now is the time to start a new venture. You have reached one of your highest goals or objectives. Your dream points at harmony and unity. You are experiencing some intense feelings.

Dream about Having Two Sets Of Twins is a metaphor for some memory or something that you need to always remember. You are flexible and open to change. You may be feeling helpless or vulnerable in some area of your life. Your dream states feminine power, beauty and love. Somebody pushes you ahead and motivates you to continue on toward your goals.

Sometimes, dream about having two sets of twins is an omen for surrender. There is an emotional situation or problem that you can no longer avoid. Perhaps things are moving too fast and you are unable to keep up with the demands of everyday life. The dream is a sign for your lack of security. You are desperate to escape from a situation.

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