Dream about heavy rock

Dream about Heavy Rock hints a need to belong and to be part of something. You need to pay attention to the message or advice that an elderly person is conveying to you. Perhaps you are in the middle of a stingy situation. Your dream is sometimes a spiritual renewal and cleansing. You are feeling uplifted, confident and happy.

Heavy Rock is a message for your desire for a freer way of life. You are changing directions and starting on a completely different path. You need to show more sympathy, compassion and kindness. The dream indicates your good health and prosperity. You need to enjoy life and live it up. Be a little glamorous.

Dreaming of Heavy and Rock

Heavy in your dream is a sign for your inflated sense of yourself. You need to acknowledge and incorporate aspects of a person into your own character. Some issue may have to do with letting go some part of yourself. The dream is a message for youth and mental development. Perhaps you have concerns about aging and growing old.

Heavy in this dream is a hint for life’s journey and how you are performing or feeling. You feel stuck. You need to apply what you learned and incorporate it into your daily life. This dream is a message for the end of some old habit or behavior and the beginning of a new attitude. You are making a bigger issue out of something than it needs to be.

Rock in dream signifies your mobility and adaptability to situations in life. You are hesitant or reluctant in taking the first step toward a goal or decision. There is something or someone you need to face. This dream is a sign for some difficulty or some sort of hardship headed your way. You are stuck with living in the past.

Rock dream is a message for old habits/attitudes and old ways of thinking. Perhaps you have been hurt or disappointed by something that someone had said. You are feeling emotionally out of control. The dream points at actual or perceived limitations. Your need to forgive someone that is close to you.

Dream about both “Heavy” and “Rock” sadly draws attention to an impersonal relationship in your life. You are trying to keep negative forces at bay. You are trying to reduce the affect of a negative situation. The dream is a premonition for harsh lessons that need to be learned. The decisions and choices you are making now may be misinterpreted as disloyalty.

Dream about heavy rock is a clue for your spiritual connection. You need to pay attention and learn some important life lesson. You are expressing your primal emotions and instincts. The dream indicates purity and potential. You need to escape from the daily grind and relax.

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