Dream about hit me

Dream about Hit Me refers to your stubbornness and tenacity. You need some quiet time in order to restore some sanity and spiritual balance. You need to release some guilt or clear your conscious. The dream is a harbinger for your supportive nature. You have a tendency to hold in and keep your feelings to yourself.

Hit Me is an omen for fear and your frigid attitude. You are being deceived or manipulated. You are feeling down on yourself. The dream denotes for you to recognize and acknowledge some repressing feelings. You feel that others are trying to hide something from you.

Dream about Hit [(baseball) a successful stroke in an athletic contest (especially in baseball)] hints acceptance of your responsibilities and duty. You are afraid to show your true feelings and let people in. You are stressed or preoccupied about a test. Your dream is a sign for temptation and guilt. You are feeling uneasy about your position or about some decision you made.

Dream about Hit [the act of contacting one thing with another] points at a carefree attitude toward life. You are not being genuine and true to yourself. You are feeling distant from your girlfriend/boyfriend. Your dream is a harbinger for losing hope. Things may look fine on the surface, but some problem still persists underneath.

Dream about Hit [a conspicuous success] is a premonition for fear and insecurity. You need to Weigh your options carefully before making a final decision. You feel disrespected. Your dream is a signal for your subconscious feelings of jealousy toward a particular person. You may be putting yourself in some sort of danger, either physical or mental.

Dream about Collision [(physics) a brief event in which two or more bodies come together] is a symbol for your desire to travel back in time to an ancient civilization. You are trying hard to change the course of some action. You need shield yourself from some emotional turmoil. Your dream is about someone that you might be digging or like. You are taking steps to acknowledging some painful or repressed thoughts even though you are not ready to fully confront them.

Dream about Hit [a dose of a narcotic drug] is an evidence for a desperate need for greater closeness with your father. You need to adjust your attitude or run the risk of offending others. You need to take a break from whatever you are doing. The dream points at protection or luck. You are being worn down.

Dream about Hit [a murder carried out by an underworld syndicate] is a metaphor for overwhelming anger or evil. You may be expressing a desire to wipe out some aspect of yourself. There is something that you do not want to know. This dream is about some major marital or relationship problem. You need to put more effort toward a task in order to obtain the desired result or outcome.

Dream about Hit [a connection made via the internet to another website] refers to circumstances or situations in your life that are becoming overwhelming. You are in control of your animalistic and instinctual side. Perhaps you have done something wrong. This dream draws attention to financial worries. You need to be leery of people who want to help you.

Dream about Hit [cause to move by striking] signifies your personality traits, behaviors and habits. You are going against the crowd on some idea or decision. You need to get your mind out of the gutter. This dream draws attention to your financial concerns. Something needs to be cleaned up or immediately changed.

Dream about Hit [hit against; come into sudden contact with] signifies your individualism. You need to make yourself heard and get your point across. Sometimes simplicity is the way to go. Your dream is a hint for issues and feelings that you have not dealt with. You are being cut off from your spiritual being and being out of touch with yourself.

Dream about Hit [deal a blow to, either with the hand or with an instrument] is a harbinger for someone who may not appear to be who they are. Their true self may not be obvious or immediately apparent. You need to take a step back to evaluate a situation. You are struggling with some moral issue or inner demons. Your dream is a clue for conflict between good and evil. You need to break down the walls that you have created around you.

Dream about Reach [reach a destination, either real or abstract] states an extension of your own self that you are projecting. Repressed issues may be coming back to haunt you. Your lover may also be someone who is your ideal. Your dream states a reciprocal relationship where you need to give and receive nourishment. You have lost track of your goals.

Dream about Hit [affect or afflict suddenly, usually adversely] is an omen for a loss or an end to an aspect of yourself. Perhaps, you need to look at things from a different perspective. You are distancing yourself emotionally from some situation or relationship. Your dream is a harbinger for the basic necessities and comforts. The key to overcoming your fear is to discuss them and deal with them openly.

Dream about Shoot [hit with a missile from a weapon] is a symbol for a situation or relationship that is wearing away. You need to be more cautious in some situation. It is time to face reality and stop hiding behind a facade. The dream states the discovery or realization that that there is a weakness in your plans or in your thinking. An aspect of yourself needs to be set free.

Dream about Stumble [encounter by chance] is a harbinger for your neutrality in some situation. Perhaps you are torn with doing the right thing. Something in your life is imperfect. This dream is a sign for some sort of entitlement. You are shutting down emotionally.

Dream about Score [gain points in a game] stands for a small lapse in judgment. You may be overextending yourself. There is some situation or relationship that you need to examine closer. Your dream means a lack of self-esteem and confidence. You are searching through your subconscious for a better understanding of yourself.

Dream about Hit [cause to experience suddenly] states fear of being singled out or picked to perform. You need to do something that is out of your character. You are having difficulties in achieving your goals and accepting the changes associated with it. This dream is a symbol for your repressed thoughts. Perhaps you need to be knocked into your senses.

Dream about Strike [make a strategic, offensive, assault against an enemy, opponent, or a target] means your desire to escape from a current situation. You need to explore all your options no matter how strange or illogical it may be. You are going the wrong way. The dream is a portent for feelings of inadequacy and childhood insecurities that have never been resolved. You are experiencing anxieties about how you are being perceived by others.

Dream about Murder [kill intentionally and with premeditation] is about your fear of authority. You are experiencing some hesitation about the decision you have made or the direction that you have taken. You need to take things one at a time and evaluate the situation individually. Your dream refers to the lessons that have learned or are learning. You are someone who stands firmly on your views and opinions.

Dream about Hit [drive something violently into a location] means your alertness. You have a tendency to get what you want. You need for more calmness in your life. This dream points at your need for nourishment and relaxation. You are having a difficult time on focusing on one goal.

Dream about Reach [reach a point in time, or a certain state or level] is a premonition for your need to be sheltered and protected. You need to look within yourself for the solution to a problem instead of relying on outside help. You are tending to the needs of others and putting their needs first instead of your needs. This dream is a symbol for dignity, royalty, leadership, pride and domination. You are stuck at looking things the same way.

Dream about Strike [produce by manipulating keys or strings of musical instruments, also metaphorically] is travel plans in your future. Something or someone is blocking your progress. There is a situation that may potentially take over your daily life and prevent you from functioning efficiently. This dream is an omen for the emotional difficulties that you experience in life. Perhaps you need to cut back on your spending or adhere to a budget.

Dream about Hit [consume to excess] is an omen for repressed anger, frustrations and annoyances. You are a follower in someone else’s footsteps. You need to be more carefree and spontaneous. The dream states someone in your life who shares that same ideals and thoughts. You need to look to the issues or problems from a different perspective.

Dream about Hit [hit the intended target or goal] stands for a broken relationship or a rift in a friendship. Perhaps you are expressing an subconscious desire to fly off and get away from all of your problems. You need to be more carefree and spontaneous. Your dream is a portent for some irreversible plan or action. Perhaps you feel that you cannot relate to others or that others do not understand you.

Dream about Hit [pay unsolicited and usually unwanted sexual attention to] states the multiple aspects of a problem and the various angles of looking at the problem. You are feeling insignificant or unimportant. You need to learn and explore more about yourself, especially the masculine side. This dream stands for the union of opposites and balance. You are slowly warming up to a situation.

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