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Dream about hockey game

Dream about Hockey Game is a metaphor for passion, loyalty, warmth, devotion, togetherness and unselfishness. You are being pulled in opposite directions. You want to squash something or somebody. This dream indicates protection, heaven and divinity. You have made a startling new discovery about yourself and your capabilities.

Hockey Game refers to your potential and creativity. Something is eating away at your subconscious. You need to take a closer look at the various aspects of your life. Your dream is about your emotional urges and desires. There is an issue that you are refusing to confront.

Dreaming of Hockey and Game

Hockey in your dream is a female in your life who is emotionally cold. Perhaps you are in denial about any problems. You are being naive. The dream represents extreme hostility toward some situation or someone. You are experiencing some fear in using your psychic abilities and believing in your intuition.

Game in dream is your neutrality in some situation. You are looking for order. You are becoming confrontational and quarrelsome. Your dream expresses your leisurely pursuits. You need to start looking within yourself to discover aspects of your own character and find out what drives you.

Dream about both “Hockey” and “Game” is unfortunately a warning for unfocused energy. You need to stop sitting around and start moving more quickly. Some unseen irritation may not surface until it is too late. The dream sadly draws attention to your inability to care for yourself or your helplessness in reaching out to others. You are too rigid in your thinking.

Dream about hockey game expresses virginity, lust and sensuality. You need to get moving and act, before the opportunity passes you by. You are rejecting something. This dream is a symbol for a memory and brain power. An issue is burning up inside of you.

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