Dream about holding a grenade

Dream about Holding A Grenade represents motherhood and nurturance. Something is coming to an end. You need to acknowledge the past and recognize those former relationships that has brought you to where you are today. Your dream signals a message from the Holy Spirit and spreading the word of God. You are feeling light-headed.

Holding A Grenade suggests enthusiasm, creativity and talent. You are in a good place and are embracing what life has to offer. You are transitioning into a new phase in your life. This dream is a hint for your new awareness and enlightenment. You feel that you are deserving of some sort of gift of prize.

Dreaming of Hold and Grenade

Hold in your dream symbolises a sense of being out of control and being disorganized. You are trying to make a favorable impression on someone. Trouble is looming over you. This dream is a harbinger for your aggressive or sadomasochistic tendencies. You are feeling alone and want to know that someone is behind you in whatever you do.

Hold in this dream suggests your need to heal. You are having difficulties verbally communicating your thoughts and feelings across. You are having trouble paying attention. This dream is a message for an inability to express yourself. You are trying to project a new persona.

Grenade in dream signals your overwhelming passion. Someone is nagging you. You are being too dominating. Your dream is a hint for the holidays. You need to better contain your your emotions.

Grenade dream suggests excess and overindulgence. You have a handle over the problems in your life. You are seeking some advice, guidance, or knowledge. Your dream signifies some aspect of yourself which you are not paying enough attention to. You may be entering the healing stages of some situation.

Dream about both “Hold” and “Grenade” signifies a huge obstacle that is standing in your way toward your goals. You are forcing your opinion or ideas on others. You are trying to work through a difficult time. The dream is about rejected aspect of yourself that is unclean or unaccepted by society. Someone is not being open about their motives or feelings.

Dream about holding a grenade is a clue for negative thoughts and ideas that you have internalized. You will overcome your present circumstance. You are feeling self-conscious and worrying about how others perceive you. The dream denotes some extraordinary problem or issue that you are trying to deal with in your life. Some aspect of your life is having a soothing effect on you.

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