Dream about holding white cat

Dream about Holding White Cat indicates your desires to conform and fit in. You are questioning someone’s action. You need to try and compromise aspects of yourself in order to make the relationship comfortable and satisfying for both. Your dream is a symbol for your maternal instincts. You are feeling weary.

Hold in your dream is a portent for a part of yourself that has died. There is a situation that you are refusing to see or accept. You are longing to achieve something that you have desired for awhile. Your dream is a metaphor for your intuition. You are prevented from expressing your anger and other negative emotions.

White dream is a signal for the sacrifices your have made and the difficulties you have endured. You are wondering how your life would be had you made different choices. You feel that your sense of privacy is being invaded. Your dream is some unresolved issue which you are not addressing or are refusing to acknowledge. Your problems will soon pass.

Cat in this dream points to issues and feelings that you have not dealt with. Others are questioning your appearance. Sometimes you need to take a chance. The dream is sometimes your fear of other people’s differences. You need to stop seeing things in black and white.

Dreaming of Hold and White and Cat

Hold and White expresses something new that you are learning about someone. Your thoughts and ideas are preventing you from moving forward. You are important. The dream signifies stamina and agility. You will be successful after much struggle and obstacles.

Dream About Holding Cat means contentment and peace of mind. You are moving ahead and looking toward the future. You can achieve your goals through hard work and dedication. The dream points at a prior relationship that you still cherish and look back fondly on. You have established yourself and deserve respect.

Dream About White Cat states family togetherness and joy. You are just going along with the flow, without voicing your own opinions and views. You are looking at things from a spiritual viewpoint. Your dream is a sign for power and pride. You are refusing to accept the facts about a situation.

Dream about Holding White Cat signals something new that you are learning about someone. Trivial matters and silly pastimes will divert your attention from more important issues. You are feeling apprehensive about the future. This dream hints longevity and continuity. Your memory of the depicted event, incident, or people, is fading.

Sometimes, dream about holding white cat means a path that has not been ventured. Vicious rumors by false friends will slander your character. You need to be more responsive to others, instead of just sitting back and waiting for things to happen. The dream is a metaphor for a lost in innocence, impurity and uncleanness. You have low self-worth.

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