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Dream about hole wall

Dream about Hole Wall is an omen for integrity and your basic, core characteristics. You are keeping your subconscious suppressed. Some aspect of your life is having a soothing effect on you. The dream is about a positive change. You are seeking support and advice.

Hole Wall stands for virginity, pureness and secrecy. You are being completely surprised. You are in for a new experience. Your dream points to steady and satisfactory progress in your future endeavors. You are keeping your anger inside, instead of expressing it.

Dreaming of Hole and Wall

Hole in your dream signifies irreconcilable differences. You need to utilize better time management. You are harboring some repressed anger and deep-seated rage. Your dream is your fears of no longer being needed or useful. You are experiencing some pressure at school.

Wall in dream is a clue for security, nurturance, protection and feminine qualities. Some aspect of yourself is in conflict with another aspect of yourself. You are looking for some assistance. This dream is a message for an aspect of your former self that you still have not completely let go. You are afraid of being caught in some illicit activity.

Dream about both “Hole” and “Wall” hints desperation, despair, extreme sadness and sympathy. You are dwelling too much in the past and need to move on toward the future. Certain aspects of yourself have been ignored or neglected. This dream is a warning alert for self-punishment and guilt. You are lacking motivation.

Dream about hole wall denotes the process of individuation and your quest to fulfill some spiritual needs. It is a summary of your life experiences. You will overcome current struggles or hardships. This dream symbolises qualities and feelings of somebody that you desire for yourself. You are living it up.

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I saw a hole in the wall of my bedroom that I think were made by black ants


I dream about seeing hole in my house wall inside that hole there’s a wheelbarrow


I dreamt two.times that I saw hole on the wall of my bedroom

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