Dream about hug and kiss

Dream about Hug And Kiss points to an overpowering force working against you. You need to introduce some liveliness in your life. Boundaries are being crossed. Your dream stands for power, size and strength. Something is holding you back and preventing you to take chances.

Hug And Kiss is about your courageous struggles toward achieving your highest ambitions and goals. It is your way of obtaining moments of lightheartedness and fun. Jealousy is preventing you from forming meaningful relationships. The dream points to hard work ahead for you. You are experiencing some personal spiritual unrest.

Dreaming of Hug and Kiss

Hug in your dream suggests confusion about your own self-identity and your sense of individuality. You need to be careful not to overextend yourself. You are experiencing feelings of inadequacy and defensiveness. The dream denotes feelings of insecurity or inadequacy. You do not underestimate yourself or others.

Hug in this dream is minor embarrassments. You are leaving a past life or an old relationship behind. You need to be more giving and charitable. The dream is a hint for cross-words directed at you or aimed toward someone. You are putting power in someone else’s hands and allowing them to make choices and decide for you.

Kiss in dream is a signal for your emotions and how cold and rigid you are behaving. You may be dealing with life issues of birth, marriage and death. You wished you were someone else. This dream is sometimes irreconcilable differences. You need your own space, either emotional space or physical space.

Kiss dream points to hypocrisy and being someone that you are not. You need to start accepting the consequences of your actions. There is some feeling that you need to express more in your life. This dream signifies that your passions may be out of control. You are in training for some event, job or goal.

Dream about both “Hug” and “Kiss” is sadly a warning signal for your fears of poverty or financial loss. You are trying too hard to be likeable. You are trying to reach out for support. The dream is unfortunately a warning alert for a lack of motivation or inspiration. You are trying to shield yourself from being emotionally hurt.

Dream about hug and kiss is a portent for an emphasis on your feeling. You have a careful understanding of the smaller and minor details in your life. You need to clean your mouth. Your dream signals your security and secrets. You need to draw from the inspiration of others.

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