Dream about ice falling from sky

Dream about Ice Falling From Sky is a portent for an aspect of your own heritage. You want to be loved. You have the same power and strength as those around you. The dream is a message for your need for power and control. You are taking the blame for the actions of others.

Ice in your dream is a sign for your anger and fears. A loss of a good friend or a deterioration of your instincts. Perhaps you need to express your sensuality more. This dream is a symbol for relationships and how the masculine aspects are in opposition to the feminine aspects. You are being a little show-offy.

Fall dream is a portent for the nurturing aspect of your own character. You need to let go of some pain and learn to accept the situation. Perhaps you have an immature attitude towards life. Your dream signals your delusions of grandeur. There is a situation that you are refusing to see or accept.

Sky in this dream is a message for your promise and to not let someone down. Perhaps you need to change your attitude or ways. You need to scan and examine your options before making a decision. This dream is a hint for lost or missed opportunities. Perhaps your love life has become routine or devoid of emotion and passion.

Dreaming of Ice and Fall and Sky

Dream About Ice Falling is obstacles and discouragements that you will come across as you move toward achieving your goals. You are finally going after what you want in life. You are exhibiting caution in what you share about yourself. The dream hints an emotional rebirth. You are undergoing some form of transition in your life.

Ice and Sky is a harbinger for bright hopes, vast possibilities and insight. Perhaps there is something in your subconscious that you are trying to prevent from emerging. You are feeling disconnected from life and society. The dream points to a talent or skill that you have neglected. You are being pulled into two different directions.

Dream About Falling Sky indicates royalty and your social status in life. Much sorrow will arise in what were thought to be pleasant times. Somebody is going to help you to move forward. Your dream is the gift of life and vitality. You are looking for spiritual enrichment from a higher source.

Dream about Ice Falling From Sky is about your ability to perform and do things. You are well balanced. You are seeking spiritual nourishment or just conversation. The dream is an evidence for your need to be more observant. You need to balance various aspects of your personality.

Sometimes, dream about ice falling from sky is a warning for protection from some negative or evil force. You are stuck in a rut. You are putting forth a hard exterior and not letting others in. The dream denotes the inescapable stresses and overwhelming pressures in your life. You are not in control of your life.

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Kate Philip

I had a dream this early morning after I woke up to pray and layed back down to sleep around passed 4am. about seen the sky blocked and covered with ice. And there was a constant flow of water with people lying down under the iced sky face up flowing passed. I saw a little boy lay down face up inside the ice with his mother and father and the little boy waved and smilled at me as they were flowing passed in the sky. And few other people in the sky too, they are all white skinned people. And again the earth was also covered with ice in that same dream, and the ice formed something like a little duck and little doll. I was happily cracking the iced formed doll and sharing it to children to play with and they were happy. The sky started shaking as if it was going to rain, and something with a HEAVY sound fell from the sky and covered some parts of the earth and people started panicking. Then I woke up.

Kingsley kyei tabi

I dreamt that ice was falling from the sky and people were running including me.
What the meaning?


I had a dream that I was in a place I don’t know how to type it but it was ice falling from the sky I think it killed some people but than we ran into two people girls I think that had something to save us if we said these set of number it would protect us from the falling ice in the sky and it definitely did . There was a point in my dream that the two girls disappeared and we had to remember the number before we all died and it was different set of number me and a boy was going through


Last night I had a dream that me, my husband and my step daughter were at a restaurant. We saw everyone rushing outside and we followed. The sky was a sheet of ice that was shattering and falling. Suddenly there was an iceberg that cracked and fell apart causing flooding and everyone scrambled and tried to flee. I lost my husband and daughter. They found me again later in the dream.


I was at a restaurant with a few close friends, and we were eating seafood, and everything was nice and enjoyable. Then all of a sudden there was a rain of ice cubes, nothing harmful or anything; my friends laughed and said someone must be talking crap about us, but I emphasized that it was something good coming along for us. Then one of my artists was invited to perform. The dream and night in it were tranquil, nothing bad about it. What does it mean, if you can please interpret it?

Douglas Chuma

I had a dream, in that dream I saw an aeroplane flying past, and in its course it broke though frozen skies, as the broken ice flew all over the place I picked ice cubes and ate them while watching more ice falling from the sky. I woke up and prayed. My question is what might this be symbolizing?


First it was raining with big ice cubes. Then, an extremely huge block of ice fell off from the sky…