Dream about illness death

Dream about Illness Death points to energy, effort, encouragement and motivation. You are looking for help from a higher source. You are neglecting your responsibilities, talents, or some issue. The dream means disloyalty in some area of your life. You are blind to something that everyone else is clearly seeing.

Illness Death means approval and validation of your actions. You have more self confidence and belief in yourself. You are looking for a higher truth and spiritual enlightenment, even though if it means that it will alienate those around you. The dream represents purification and relief. You need to start taking action and making the necessary changes that will carry you into a new transitional level.

Dreaming of Illness and Death

Illness in your dream expresses your need to grow and expand. You need to stop meddling in other people’s personal lives. You are strong willed and stick by the decisions you make. This dream signifies your anxieties of life. You are unprepared for what is coming your way.

Illness in this dream signals guilt. Nothing is working out the way you had anticipated. You are ready for a change in your life. The dream is about your inability to convey a certain message. You may be unfairly judging others.

Death in dream indicates how you feel you are being treated in a particular relationship or situation. You are having difficulties communicating your emotions or thoughts. You need to take a long deep breath in between your problems. Your dream hints your concerns with your looks. You are trying desperately to escape.

Death dream signals a level of support you may be receiving. Nurturance and care is needed in a situation. You are being misunderstood. Your dream is an evidence for fear of being singled out or picked to perform. Your are experiencing a conflict in ideas and interest.

Dream about both “Illness” and “Death” is a portent for your inability to cope with a situation and you see that being sick is a way out. You are trying to get into your subconscious even though you may not be mentally ready to confront those issues. It is time to change your old habits. This dream stands for a situation where you feel outnumbered or a situation that is playing on your fears. You are lacking the initiative to do something with your life.

Dream about illness death is an indication for your ability to dig into your subconscious and learn from it. You are taking your time with regards to some relationship or situation. You are reflecting back on your success. The dream states the roots and core of your own emotions and spirituality. You are feeling light-headed.

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