Dream about killing a snake in water

Dream about Killing A Snake In Water is a message for a pleasant and bright future ahead for you. You are experiencing some communication issues. You need to carry away and let go of some unfinished issues. This dream denotes your ability to shut some people out, while letting others through. You are literally being consumed by some danger.

Kill in your dream points at a cleansing of your outer and inner self. You are deceiving others or being deceived by someone. You need to be more optimistic. This dream refers to your need for some relaxation. Your leisurely and carefree days are soon coming to an end.

Snake dream means difficulties in accepting who you are and loving yourself. Perhaps you have made some past mistakes which have set you back on your path toward your goals. You are taking back control of a situation that had gotten out of hand. The dream is a sign for uncleanness or fertility. You need to stand tall.

Water in this dream denotes your objectivity in a situation. You are trying to fit in and act in accordance with what is acceptable by society. It is time to forgive and forget. Your dream is a signal for regression or repressed thoughts. You are only partially acknowledging your feelings.

Dreaming of Kill and Snake and Water

Dream About Kill Snake is a symbol for your real life relationship with a person and how you feel about him/her. You are questioning someone’s action. You are second guessing your decisions. Your dream hints consistent failures in your undertakings. Your life is well balanced.

Kill and Water is a signal for something very personal to you. You will struggle fiercely and courageously to realize your highest ambitions and greatest desires. Your opinion matters. This dream points at being present and here. You are looking for a strong foundation and some stability.

Dream About Snake In Water is a metaphor for completion or continuation of a familiar situation. You have new responsibilities and duties that will require your time and attention. Perhaps someone or something has caused you to be in awe. Your dream represents the small accomplishments you make along the way toward a bigger goal. There is something you can learn from your friends or others.

Dream about Killing A Snake In Water refers to self-renewal and self-cleansing. You are feeling unclean about a situation. You are experiencing anxieties about the future and in achieving your goals. This dream is a symbol for a brand new project. Life’s difficulties has made you dependable on others.

Sometimes, dream about killing a snake in water is a portent for your vulnerability, confusion and frailty. You are lacking determination and energy needed to move forward in some situation. You are being too serious and need to lighten up. This dream is unfortunately loss of vitality, loss of faith in yourself and lack of self-confidence. You are being overbearing.

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Dream of killing up up to 3 snake two inside running water in the dream then I saw one at my back black copra I look for stick and hit it 3 times until it give up .


I dream of fighting and killing a woman snake with spin like Medusa but in under water. In my dream I cut her head and stab her in the chest three times then I burn her.