Dream about kissing same gender

Dream about Kissing Same Gender points at faith, charity, hope, perfection, idealistic love and fertility. You are refusing to acknowledge some characteristics may be affecting your performance and creative flow. You need to pay attention to those around you. The dream suggests a rising level of understanding, awareness or success. You are enjoying the good things in life.

Kiss in your dream symbolises repressed emotions and feelings that you do not want to confront. You feel the need to fend for yourself. Your ego is inflated. The dream symbolises some deadline or anxiety over an issue. Perhaps you are getting involved in some issue where you are not wanted.

Same dream points to the importance of time in some situation. You need to look out for yourself and protect yourself from emotional or psychological harm. You proceed toward your goals in a careful and deliberate manner. This dream points at your identity or self-worth. Perhaps you do not trust your friend’s judgment and are afraid that he/she is being manipulated by others.

Gender in this dream is a hint for your concerns with your looks. You need to be on the watch for ruthless people working against you. You are being used and manipulated by others. Your dream is sometimes a time in your life when things were more carefree and spontaneous. You need to learn from your experiences, even the negative ones.

Dreaming of Kiss and Same and Gender

Kiss and Same is a hint for long life and longevity. You are ready to move on from the past. You are the subject of unwelcome attention from someone. This dream points at your instinctual and animalistic nature. You are taking a step back and looking carefully at the facts.

Kiss and Gender is a symbol for your progress. A person is indebted to you in some way. You are displaying much strength and stability. The dream is a hint for passion and the love of those around you. You are expressing your emotions in a positive way.

Dream About Same Gender signifies your family ties and bonds. You are feeling empowered and undefeatable. You are fair and show good judgment. Your dream is a clue for a positive change in your life. You need to keep both feet on the ground.

Dream about Kissing Same Gender is a portent for peace of mind and satisfaction in your professional and personal life. A major transformation is taking place in your life. Perhaps there is something that you need to start questioning. The dream is sometimes your thought process. You need to face reality.

Sometimes, dream about kissing same gender unfortunately draws attention to teamwork, conformity and structure. You are reluctant in sharing your ideas with others for fear that they will get the credit. You are too absorbed with your ambition that you do not take the time to acknowledge those who have helped you along the way. Your dream is an admonition for anger and uncontrolled aggression. You are involved in a scandal.

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