Dream about large white bird

Dream about Large White Bird hints your desires to attain a balance in your life. You are being faced with a mental challenge. You are feeling disconnected. The dream is a premonition for some sort of warning or danger that you have found yourself in. You are trying to bring joy and positivity to those around you.

Large in a dream is an omen for a transitional phase of self exploration. You are keeping your emotions contained, which can be harmful to your well-being in the end. Perhaps you need to detach yourself from a situation or relationship. This dream is a metaphor for your desire to be admired and looked up to. Perhaps you think that someone is trying to keep something from you.

White dream suggests some form of deception. You are unaffected by what is going around you or what others are saying about you. You are experiencing some nervousness or excitement about a situation. This dream draws attention to denial or some misunderstanding. You may need to do some soul searching and self-improvement.

Bird in this dream hints your untapped resources. You are looking to shield yourself from some emotional hurt. You are getting a handle on a problem. Your dream is a portent for mobility. You are involved in some bitter rivalry.

Dreaming of Large and White and Bird

Large and White is an omen for authority and pride. You need to carry away and let go of some unfinished issues. You need to act more smartly about a situation. Your dream is an evidence for an emotional situation or personal relationship that you need to handle carefully. A situation or decision is having a much longer lasting effect that you had expected.

Dream About Large Bird hints freedom, risk and adventure. There is a calming influence in your life. You can achieve anything you want if you set your mind to it. This dream is an indication for your need to release and channel your emotions. It is time to start doing and making things happen.

Dream About White Bird is a signal for completion and wholeness. You are going back and forth on some choice. You are doubting the power of your femininity. Your dream is a sign for your desires to blend in. You are undecided about something.

Dream about Large White Bird is a metaphor for warmth and comfort. Your goals and aspirations are being put to the test. A new light has been shed onto a situation. The dream is a portent for a memory of a person in your life who is very intelligent. You are taking control of your hectic life.

Sometimes, dream about large white bird indicates fear, anger and aggression. You have not built a firm foundation for success. You have poor self image or poor health. The dream is unfortunately an admonition for self-punishment and guilt. Your life is monotonous or repetitive.

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