Dream about lion paw

Dream about Lion Paw expresses a past lesson that you have learned and is applicable in some aspect of your life now. You need to look at things from a different angle. You are uplifting others with your positive attitude and cheerful disposition. Your dream expresses joy, pleasure, togetherness and satisfaction with your life. You are seeking for better understand of your Self and of your origins.

Lion Paw states emotional and spiritual growth. There is something that you want to broadcast to the whole world. You are feeling overwhelmed. The dream is a portent for an authoritarian figure in your life. You are looking at things from a new perspective.

Dreaming of Lion and Paw

Lion in your dream is a hint for your desire to fix a situation or relationship. Perhaps there is some situation in which you are unable to assert yourself. Perhaps there is something that are you trying to hide. Your dream means your readiness to fight and defend yourself. You are feeling ineffective.

Lion in this dream symbolises an imposing obstacle which is blocking your progress. You may be forced to confront issues which you have been avoiding. You are in training for some event, job or goal. The dream is a metaphor for an occurrence in your life that will cause you to lose your hopes and chances of success. You are entangled in some difficult matter.

Paw in dream is an omen for a fear of impotence or emotional dysfunction. You need to take some time off and cater to the inner child within. You may need to clean up your image or readjust your attitude. Your dream is an evidence for the expected pleasures, demanding responsibilities and growing anxieties associated with a holiday season. You need to exercise control in your life.

Paw dream is a symbol for aspects of your subconscious. Ou may need to take things more seriously. You are setting standards for yourself or of what you think others expect of you. The dream is sometimes a new beginning or a somber conclusion. Perhaps you need to let go of a bad relationship.

Dream about both “Lion” and “Paw” unfortunately draws attention to fear, frustration and anger which you have repressed and kept inside. Your relationship is not worth putting any more attention and effort into. Feelings of anger or hatred are threatening to come to your consciousness. This dream is a portent for hidden and embarrassing fears over some secret matters that you have not shared with anyone. You may be letting go some of the feelings (resentment, anger, hostility toward someone) that you have been clinging onto.

Dream about lion paw is a clue for you are going to say yes to some question you have been asking yourself. You are refusing to face the consequences of your actions. The coming weeks will be calm and tranquil for you. This dream is a clue for inner wisdom, rejuvenation and spiritual enlightenment. You feel that you have been overlooked.

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I dreamt that a lion gently cuddled me from behind with his paw on my shoulder