Dream about little fish

Dream about Little Fish is a clue for comfort, safety, homeliness, protection, or new opportunities. You have the knowledge within yourself to maximize your potential. You are putting on an act. This dream is about poise and grace. You may be expressing a desire to escape from your daily responsibilities and problems.

Little Fish symbolises your quest for love or for power. You are easily persuaded and influenced by others. You need to be more aware of your surroundings. This dream states your future accomplishments and achievements. You need to work on your inner self and develop more knowledge.

Dreaming of Little and Fish

Little dream is a hint for your obligations and relational bonds. You need to incorporate aspects of a person into your own character. You let an opportunity pass you by because you did not react fast enough. Your dream points at your protective emotional cover. You have a lot that you need to get off your mind.

Little in this dream is a portent for the importance of time in some situation. You may have placed your decision or course of action into someone else’s hand. You are refusing to confront some painful, disturbing or destructive aspect of your subconscious. This dream stands for a malicious plan set forth against you. You are being overly lackadaisical about a situation or problem.

Fish in dream denotes your attempts to change something about your character. Your primal desires and repressed emotional urges are coming to the surface and needing to be satisfied. You are experiencing mixed feelings. The dream represents dignity, royalty, leadership, pride and domination. You do not care what other people think of you.

Fish dream points to a negative turn in events. You need to take time out and pamper yourself. You may that you are being dumped on. The dream refers to your desire to be helpful and supportive to others. You are trying desperately to hold onto a relationship, to some old habits or to your former ways.

Dream about both “Little” and “Fish” is a message for a fleeting idea or a message that you need to quickly convey. You are being too idealistic. You tend to keep your feelings inside and need to find a productive way to express them before it grows out of control. The dream is a portent for predictability and unchanging habits. You or someone is incompetent.

Dream about little fish stands for your attraction and fascination for a person. You are looking at life from a new perspective and accessing your highest potential. You channel your emotions and are cautious in how you express them. Your dream is a message for the womb and the feminine aspects of yourself. You and your lover are able to co-exist and be civil to each other.

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