Dream about long thick hair

Dream about Long Thick Hair is an indication for spiritual healing and enlightenment. You are experiencing some intense emotion. Hard work and manual labor will eventually get you to where you need. This dream signals calmness and dignity. Perhaps you feel that you are being held back by past emotions or issues.

Long in a dream suggests your actual concerns about a problem or your desires to have children. Perhaps you are running away from a situation instead of trying to confront it. You are searching for a new sense of self. Your dream is your forgiving or yielding support system. You are not utilizing your fullest potential and strengths.

Thick dream is a metaphor for your need to relax and escape from work or school. You need a break from the monotony. You are feeling drained. This dream is a metaphor for quick movement. You may be going through a period of stress in your life.

Hair in this dream signifies your sense of superiority. There is something in your life that you need to cut out and get rid of. You are refusing to acknowledge or accept certain qualities of someone that you do not love. This dream is a sign for your pessimistic view of the world around you. Perhaps there is an article of clothing that you are trying to fit into.

Dreaming of Long and Thick and Hair

Long and Thick points to some sort of relief. You need to clean up your words and thoughts. You need to be more determined in certain areas or important phases of your life. The dream stands for female intuition. You feel that you are being unfairly treated.

Dream About Long Hair suggests your way of showing and exhibiting love. You have a positive outlook in life. You need to share and impart your knowledge on others. The dream signals joy, celebration and festivities. You need to try to accomplish your goals in a more direct manner.

Dream About Thick Hair is about regal power and authority. You are under some tremendous pressure. You are trying to or you have overcome a great struggle. Your dream represents a situation you are refusing to see or confront, but are aware of it in some passive way. You are remaining completely silent.

Dream about Long Thick Hair is about your animalistic nature and power. You are suspicious about something or someone. You are letting opportunities pass you by. This dream is a clue for anxiety about your emotional prowess. You need to be more open and honest about your feelings.

Sometimes, dream about long thick hair signifies your preoccupation with a problem that has given you much anxiety. You may be a little too harsh and too abrasive toward others. You are too picky. Your dream is an evidence for something that is missing or lacking in your life. You tend to not get your hopes up too high when good things happen.

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