Dream about losing lashes

Dream about Losing Lashes represents reconciliation, peace and hope. You are seeking warmth and comfort. Keep your sight on the main goal. The dream hints the different fragments and facets that make up your character. You have succeeded in your endeavors.

Losing Lashes is a portent for your need for more space in a relationship or situation. You take pleasure and comfort in the simple things of life. The intentions of a friend are pure and true. The dream stands for your seal of approval. You progress through life by your own terms.

Dreaming of Lose and Lash

Lose in your dream is about depression or anger. Perhaps you are not ready to confront your feelings. You need to let go of the past or certain negative behaviors. This dream hints rightness of an idea, decision, or plan. You are censoring yourself or holding back.

Lose in this dream suggests self indulgence. You are going through some new life experiences and incorporating the lessons you learn from them into your Self. Perhaps, you feel that others have been leeching off of you. This dream hints defiance. You are going through some transitional phases in your life.

Lash in dream symbolises your right leaning political views. You may be running away from a primal urge or fear. You need to trust in your own metal powers. The dream is sometimes your dependence on somebody in your family. You need to evaluate your surroundings more carefully before making some decision.

Lash dream points to your arrogance and that you need to tone it down. There may be an obstacle ahead for you. You see things too trivially. The dream is a signal for loss of love and broken companionship. You need to take more initiative in where you want to go and what you want to do.

Dream about both “Lose” and “Lash” is an alert for emotional turmoil or perhaps you are being buried by problems and stresses of your life. You are venting your frustrations and anger in an indirect and playful way. May be you are being buried by problems and stresses of your life. This dream expresses your helplessness, difficulties and frustrations in trying to communicate with others. You are taking things too seriously.

Dream about losing lashes is an evidence for male courage and fertility. You are keeping your true self hidden. You are moving on to new beginnings and leaving the past behind. This dream means spiritual learning. You have moved on and forgot a disturbing issue.

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