Dream about losing left shoe

Dream about Losing Left Shoe is about your support system. You progress through life by your own terms. You need to clear you mind and thoughts. This dream expresses the womb, secrets and the feminine. You have overcome some threat or some major obstacle.

Lose in your dream is about feelings of anger, hostility and fierceness. You need to get the attention of some girl/boy. Perhaps you have misjudged a situation. Your dream is a metaphor for a mental imprint that remains persistent in your mind. Perhaps there is a situation or problem that you need to overcome or take control of.

Left dream denotes your eccentricities or wittiness. You are spending too much time in trivial matters. You need to take a long deep breath in between your problems. This dream symbolises your state of mind and feelings. You feel that you are not yourself anymore.

Shoe in this dream is a message for some hesitation and reluctance in the pursuit of your goals. Perhaps you need to exercise more self control. You need to get out and socialize in the real world. The dream refers to your sensitively to some situation. You may feel that you are physically or emotionally restrained from doing something. You need to swallow your pride.

Dreaming of Lose and Left and Shoe

Lose and Left is a symbol for the importance of a maternal bond and connection. You are still feeling sore and resentful about some situation or relationship. There is an imbalance in your life. The dream is sometimes spiritual guidance. You are seeking help from others.

Dream About Lost Shoe is an evidence for your persuasiveness and spontaneity. Someone in your past still has a strong influence on your mind and the decisions you are making. You are feeling controlled and manipulated by others. The dream is an omen for your professional mobility. It is okay to let loose once in a while.

Dream About Left Shoe is a premonition for action, urgency and completion. You have it within yourself to succeed and achieve your goals. You are expressing some health concern. Your dream is a sign for raw masculine energy. Perhaps you need to be more emotionally adventurous.

Dream about Losing Left Shoe is a metaphor for life or vitality. You have the ability to succeed and fulfill your desires. You are regressing into your subconscious. The dream is an indication for your feminine and delicate side. You need to carefully examine what you are getting into.

Sometimes, dream about losing left shoe points to primal urges, animalistic desires and basic needs. Your feelings for your friend are completely dead now. You are trying to find a solution to some life problem. The dream is an admonition for poverty and loneliness. Perhaps somebody is not taking your advice or listening to what you have to say.

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Jen B.

I had to leave a situation that was one of doom and I could not because one of my shoes came off and I searched for it but it was not anywhere I looked and I could not find it.