Dream about lost pen

Dream about Lost Pen is an indication for your personality. You are making progress and moving forward in life. You are seeking for assistance and spiritual guidance. This dream stands for your carelessness in some aspect of your life. Your sense of morality and character are in conflict.

Lost Pen denotes innocence. You are an influential figure. You feel abandoned. This dream points at mystery, wildness and the unknown. You are pushing yourself and putting your mental and physical ability to the test.

Dream about both “Lose” and “Pen” is a warning alert for unfinished issues that you need to tend to and perhaps even repair. You are trying to hide your true feelings and only reveal half truths. You are trying to rid yourself of old, negative habits and bad characteristics. Your dream is unfortunately a warning for concerns that your life is not going in the direction you want. Your subconscious mind may be trying to get your attention.

Dream about lost pen signals your range of emotions. You need to take care and look after your health. You will gain some amazing new wisdom and knowledge. This dream indicates the beauty, womb and feminine qualities. You will be victorious despite the negativity surrounding you in your life.

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Looking for my pen and worried then my cousin showed up outa the blue but he has always been a miser so i wasn’t expecting miracles or something new. I chatted with him and all a sudden there was pandemonium across the street
We dashed for cover at a nearby culvert but i suggested that this culvert might be a trap so we moved further down the road n he started throwing money up in the air. Don’t know if its distraction or show off. Still worried bout my pen while we ran. At that point i woke up