Dream about magical powers

Dream about Magical Powers is a premonition for a particular period in your life and what you were feeling then. A promotion is in your future. You need to make the first move. The dream signifies longevity and toughness. You are interconnected with the world.

Magical Powers is a harbinger for your willingness and drive to work hard. You are in an elevated position. You are about to learn an important lesson. The dream points to joy, tranquility and contentment in the home. You are ready to make a brand new start in a new place.

Dreaming of Magical and Power

Magical in your dream is a signal for your ability to adapt to any situation. It is time to tend to your own needs. You need help in order to get your idea or project off the ground. The dream means someone that appears cold and frigid on the outside, but is really a warm and caring person on the inside. Some issue may have to do with letting go some part of yourself.

Magical in this dream symbolises dependency and immaturity. You need to approach and tackle a problem in your life. You need to start thinking outside the box and reshape the way you see things. This dream denotes unbalance and chaos in your current situation and condition. You are looking for some guidance into your subconscious.

Power in dream is a symbol for the union of masculine or feminine aspects of yourself. You are seeking or trying to attain some sense of happiness. You have reached an agreement or a decision to a problem. This dream is an indication for how you are acting like a tool or that someone who is a tool. You may be expecting monetary gains.

Power dream represents your aggressive feelings and hidden anger toward a particular person. Your ego is becoming over-inflated. You must acknowledge what your intuition is trying to tell you. Your dream draws attention to your difficulties and hardships. You are blocking out subconscious material from emerging onto the surface.

Dream about both “Magical” and “Power” refers to self-punishment and guilt. You do not need to always be in full control. You are being too arrogant and overly confident of your abilities. This dream is an admonition for an organization or a common acronym or it may spell out some hidden message or advice. You feel victimized in a situation or that you are being targeted.

Dream about magical powers is a metaphor for some idea or a feeling emerging from the subconscious. You need to stop pleasing others and start thinking about what is best for you. You are open to rectifying current issues in order to move forward. The dream is a harbinger for your need to exhibit some of good qualities in your life. There are many forces working against you.

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