Dream about magnolia

Dream about Magnolia suggests how you are performing in various aspects of your life. You have anti-social tendencies. You need to let go of some pain and learn to accept the situation. The dream points at actual or perceived limitations. You want to preserve an aspect of your past.

Magnolia refers to how you distance yourself from others as a way of protecting your own feelings. You are being too subjective in some matter. You are in a situation where you fear being ridiculed or mocked. Your dream points to fear and worry. You are repressing some of negative feelings.

Dream about Magnolia [dried bark of various magnolias; used in folk medicine] is a hint for a situation or a place which is new or unfamiliar to you. You need an outlet for your feelings. You are being underestimated in some way. This dream is a signal for your past memories and experiences. You are trying not to let certain things bother you, but it is eating away at your subconscious.

Dream about Magnolia [any shrub or tree of the genus Magnolia; valued for their longevity and exquisite fragrant blooms] symbolises of emotional or relationship problems. You are on the verge of an emotional outburst. There is some matter that you are trying to resolve or settle. The dream expresses your acceptance of the restrictions you are facing. Some people in your life are not who you thought they were.

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