Dream about making eye contact

Dream about Making Eye Contact refers to a quality or characteristic of a sibling that you need to incorporate and acknowledge within yourself. You are exploring your options. You are ready to reveal something hidden about yourself. This dream is a premonition for a personal and highly spiritual message from your subconscious. You have successfully gotten through some tough times and emotions.

Make in your dream means death and the darker aspects of your character. There is some learning you need to do in order to get ahead in life. Someone is looking to you for advice. The dream is an indication for school and learning. May be there someone who is interested in you.

Eye dream signals grief and loss. You need to adjust your attitude or run the risk of offending others. You need to reconsider the direction in your life and to rethink the path you are taking. The dream expresses your instincts and urges. You are being undervalued.

Contact in this dream is a sign for your inability to provide for your family. You are feeling emotionally or financially drained. You need to stop and think about your actions. Your dream points at your actual concerns about a relationship or your desires to have children. You tend to sacrifice your own comfort and happiness for others.

Dreaming of Make and Eye and Contact

Make and Eye is a symbol for harmony. You are so worried that you will forget something. You are putting on an act. This dream is a portent for health and longevity. You are involved in some love affair.

Make and Contact signifies your goals and desires. You are experience a relapse of sorts. You are putting on an act. Your dream is an omen for a fresh idea, infinite possibilities or a new beginning. You are the one to shape your own experiences.

Dream About Eye Contact points to your desires for peace and serenity. You will have many good opportunities ahead for you. You are keeping your true self hidden. This dream signifies the instinctual and uninhibited aspect of your character. There is something that you are refusing to hear or believe.

Dream about Making Eye Contact is a portent for a need to explore an alternative way of life. You have regained confidence to stand up and take control again. You are on the right track in life and headed in the right direction. This dream suggests creativity and wonder. You are feeling disconnected with one of your parents.

Sometimes, dream about making eye contact is your fear of your changing surroundings or your fear of losing your home and family. You like to avoid conflict and confrontation. You need to express your frustrations and negative feelings in a safe and constructive way. Your dream is a clue for your fears and rejection of aspects of your own physical appearance. You talk too much and need to know when to keep quiet.

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I dreamt about abnormally being in an integrated class of opposite genders at school, as there was abnormally a male teacher giving the lesson. I also made little eye contact with the person I am slightly interested in.