Dream about man with green eyes

Dream about Man With Green Eyes is a hint for relaxation and leisure. You are mugging for attention. Perhaps you are feeling apprehensive and ill prepared about what is ahead for you. The dream is a hint for togetherness, comfort and relaxation. You have it within yourself to succeed and achieve your goals.

Man in your dream is a symbol for circumstances or situations in your life that are becoming overwhelming. You are taking on too many responsibilities. Disputes can be resolved through some legal proceedings. The dream means the results of your hard work and the fruits of your labor. You are feeling trapped or helpless.

Green dream draws attention to your difficulty in communicating with a person. You need to let your mind and body to rejuvenate. You need to view a situation from a different perspective. Your dream is a harbinger for an expression of your femininity. Your subconscious is trying to make you aware of a solution to a problem.

Eye in this dream expresses your feelings of regret or remorse. You usually get your own way without any difficulties or struggles. Perhaps you are going through a tough period and want to be on your own. This dream is a message for your own insecurities with the relationship. You are dealing with some emotional matter in a roundabout or indirect way.

Dreaming of Man and Green and Eye

Man and Green is about insight, creativity and inspiration. It is better to face a situation head on then to retreat into a fantasy world. You are experiencing some conflict in your life. This dream is bright ideas that are coming out of your subconscious. You are feeling emotionally deprived or needy.

Dream About Man With No Eyes is a hint for devotion and sense of community. You are refusing to see the truth in some matter. You need to be more in touch with nature and go back to a more basic and simpler life. The dream points at the rewards you get when you set your mind to pursue your goals. Whatever you are feeling is still very fresh or raw.

Dream About Green Eyes is a symbol for your power as a group. You are reflecting on your life experiences and relationships. You are keeping certain things hidden. The dream represents your confidence and self-esteem. You are seeking security in some situation or relationship.

Dream about Man With Green Eyes points to your own internal fire and inner transformation. There is something that you need to put aside right now. Perhaps you feel that you are being held back by past emotions or issues. Your dream is a metaphor for balance, grace and discipline. You are in a happy mood.

Sometimes, dream about man with green eyes is unfortunately the complications and difficulties that you are experiencing in your life. You are not picking up on certain cues. You are removing some negativity in your life and overcoming major obstacles. Your dream suggests a lack of confidence in your own abilities. You are not expressing your anger in a productive way.

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I had a dream that a guy with green eyes kept kissing me on the lips and he felt very familiar but I’ve never seen him or met him at all


I had a dream that I was sleeping next to my boyfriend and there was a kid beside me just walking around and then later on in the dream, me as my bf were talking and the little kid just came out of nowhere and stared at us. He had bright green eyes and no facial expression.


I saw a dream again,I was in vehicle in the middle of a long dark road. Then I saw the man who had green eyes who is taking me somewhere abd I immediately left the vehicle