Dream about many of us

Dream about Many Of Us is a portent for your feelings toward your girlfriend/boyfriend. You need to leave or get out of a situation. You are shutting out those who are trying to help you. The dream is an indication for a regression to an earlier state. You are breaking an old image of yourself.

Many Of Us signals some aspect of yourself that is private. You are giving yourself a pat on the back and are deserving of a reward for your hard work. You are stuck in a time period and are looking at the world from an archaic perspective. This dream signifies some unpleasant, but necessary task that you need to go through in your life. Something has been lifted off your shoulders.

Dream about Many [a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by `as’ or `too’ or `so’ or `that’; amounting to a large but indefinite number] denotes your askew perspective or view. You are receiving help or support from an unexpected or unlikely source. You are misrepresenting yourself in some way or that you are misleading others. This dream is an evidence for your inability to reach your goals and advance toward your interests. You have lost faith and belief in yourself.

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