Dream about mason

Dream about Mason is about a malicious plan set forth against you. You are getting to know some hidden aspects of yourself and acknowledging your hidden talents. You need to make some major changes in your life. The dream points to your issues of death and dying. This death may be symbolic as in an end to something in your life. You may be in search for a solid foundation or a firmer ground in your life.

Mason means how you are green or environmentally conscious. There is a certain mystique or mystery about someone. The pressure on you may be starting to be too great for you to bear. This dream hints a danger from someone who wish you harm, either physical or financial. You need to rid yourself of some anxiety in your life.

Dream about Mason [American Revolutionary leader from Virginia whose objections led to the drafting of the Bill of Rights (1725-1792)] means a non-reciprocating situation. Perhaps you need to live for the moment and not dwell in the past. You need to literally pick yourself up and move on from the past. The dream means your fears and anxieties about the future. You are putting too much of your energy into one element of your life.

Dream about Mason [English film actor (1909-1984)] is a metaphor for your need to heal. You are trying to take shortcuts. You are making too much demands of others. The dream suggests release of your primal or emotional desires. You are holding onto a dead past.

Dream about Mason [English writer (1865-1948)] is an omen for your hot temper. Perhaps it is your feelings that you are trying to understand. You are being insulted or disrespected. The dream symbolises the limit you have set for yourself. You need to get rid of something in your life.

Dream about Mason [a craftsman who works with stone or brick] is about previous lessons that you can learn from. Perhaps you heard something that was not meant for your ears. You need to gain a wider perspective on some situation. Your dream points to a situation that you have a difficult time accepting or an emotion that you don’t want to acknowledge. You are experiencing a sense of anticipation or uneasiness.

Dream about Freemason [a member of a widespread secret fraternal order pledged to mutual assistance and brotherly love] indicates your tendency to always put others ahead of your own needs. You are indifferent or emotionless. You need to think before you speak. This dream is a harbinger for an aspect of your own self that you have ignored or abandoned. You or someone is being given special treatment.

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