Dream about massacre

Dream about Massacre signifies some unhealthy aspect that you need to cut from your life. You need to acknowledge and express these emotions. Your primal desires and repressed emotional urges are coming to the surface and needing to be satisfied. This dream is a message for sorrow, disillusionment, or betrayal. You are hiding your true feelings or you are trying to cover up some situation or act.

Massacre is a signal for minor embarrassments. Perhaps you are afraid of taking responsibility. Perhaps there is a habit or behavior that you to stop. This dream is a signal for many major obstacles and challenges that you have to overcome. You are weighed down by the endless responsibilities and expectations in your life.

Dream about Slaughter [the savage and excessive killing of many people] signifies your protective and defensive persona. You are reacting to things with an envious or monetary mindset. You may feel inhibited in voicing your opinion and how you really feel. This dream hints opportunities that are in your view but still out of your grasp. You may be feeling vulnerable or helpless in some situation.

Dream about Massacre [kill a large number of people indiscriminately] is a symbol for a conflict of interest between you and someone close to you. You are only seeing what you want to see. Perhaps your time is running out and you need to come to a decision about some issue. Your dream is a message for instability and insecurity in your current situation. You need to alter some behavior, attitude or aspect of your life.

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I’m at a military camp. I’m at the end of a long grouped up line that goes on forever. A military officer asks someone in the line if they want to go through with a massacre. They say yes. the officer said ok we can go through as long as your ok with the blood on your hands. I vision a rain of gun fire mowing down hundreds of people and destroying a building. I violently attack the person who said yes to the massacre. Then the officer tries to stop me I incapacitate him.Andchasedown the person