Dream about maternal aunt

Dream about Maternal Aunt is a portent for issues of self-esteem and measuring up to the expectations of others. You need to rethink your actions and how your behavior may be affecting those around you. You are feeling overwhelmed by emotional issues. The dream indicates a decision that you need to make in your life. Something may be perfect for you.

Maternal Aunt is sometimes tentativeness about the path you are taking. You will overcome some of your emotional difficulties. You can adapt to various situations. The dream is your undeveloped self. You need to release some of your pent up feelings and confront the issues that are causing much internal conflict.

Dreaming of Maternal and Aunt

Maternal in your dream expresses how you are rejecting aspects of your feminine/emotional side. You are immune to some disease or virus. You are decked out for some special occasion. The dream is about your own personal views on abortion. No matter how bleak circumstances may currently be, you know deep inside that things will work itself out.

Maternal in this dream is about your mother. You may be feeling emotionally or physically unclean. You may be feeling overburdened or stressed. This dream denotes some malicious rumors. You tend to not let your emotions get in the way of your decisions.

Aunt in dream signifies your vulnerability to a situation. You are ready to put the past to rest. You need to start taking charge of the situation. The dream is an omen for hard work and difficult task. You are being slammed with responsibilities, deadlines or problems.

Aunt dream is a message for a situation that has created a loss of respect for you. You are facing a confrontational situation. You have suffered a setback to your personal freedom. The dream is a signal for your feelings toward your girlfriend/boyfriend. Perhaps you are doing too much thinking and not taking action.

Dream about both “Maternal” and “Aunt” is unfortunately a warning signal for feelings of helplessness and loss of control. You may be undergoing some difficult times and unable to remain optimistic. You don’t let stress and pressure get to you. Your dream signifies a lack of individuality and creativity. There may be some unfinished business that still has yet to be resolved.

Dream about maternal aunt is an evidence for completion and creativity. Your inner fears are hindering your growth and progress. You are making a spectacle of yourself, either in a positive or negative way. The dream is a sign for love, joy and happiness. You are progressing through your life’s path and working toward your goal.

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Judy baker

Mom and aunt were sitting together

Jane Lee

I had a dream I was laying down but my mom and Aunt (her sister) were standing looking at me talking. My mom said something to me but not in a pleasant way. I couldn’t understand why she was mad at rme

Bpn Aryal

I firstly greeted my maternal aunt and then then she greeted me back and also she had her hair coloured partially by white color !