Dream about military uniform

Dream about Military Uniform is an evidence for emotional curiosity and your need for some sensual stimulation. You get right to the heart of the matter quickly. You are reliable and dependable. This dream is an evidence for loyalty, passion and devotion. You are able to stand up again with the help and support of others.

Military Uniform is a harbinger for your ability to make quick decision. You are ready to accept and face reality. Your immediate attention to a particular situation or relationship is crucial. The dream is an indication for your core values and beliefs. You want the focus to be on you.

Dreaming of Military and Uniform

Military in your dream points at seizing an opportunity. You need to stop and reflect on your past mistakes or issues before you can move forward. You may be feeling at home or settled at your new job or environment. The dream is a signal for your anxieties about a problem. You need to take life a little less seriously.

Military in this dream expresses your self-identity or financial security. There may be hidden hostility or aggression in some aspect of your relationship or situation. You need to listen to your instinct and gut. This dream means your primal emotional desire. You are either trying to get to your subconscious and access its insights.

Uniform in dream points at some intellectual matter. You are wasting your time. You need to be more careful about who you let into your life. The dream means your fear of not being able to complete or succeeding in a task. You are exploring your limits and trying to awaken your fullest potential.

Uniform dream is a metaphor for evil and destruction. You need to think things through and consider all your options. Perhaps you are lacking a sense of belonging or excitement in your life. The dream is an omen for your foundation, stability and sense of understanding. You are completely accepting someone for who they are.

Dream about both “Military” and “Uniform” is a message for a lack of individuality. Little things can add up to be a major issue later if not addressed immediately. You are looking to be in a relationship, but are looking in all the wrong places. This dream is unfortunately an admonition for anger and aggression directed at you or someone else. Someone is trying to guide you through some issues or problems.

Dream about military uniform points to strength, power, endurance, virility and emotional prowess. You are feeling alienated and disconnected. You are enjoying life. The dream indicates the two different aspects of your life. You are at a great height in your work place or school.

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