Dream about miscarried baby

Dream about Miscarried Baby signifies an elaborate and luxurious lifestyle. You are refusing to go along with the system. You have misspoken about some matter. Your dream hints stability and constancy in your life. You are going with the flow.

Miscarried Baby hints vigor and life energy. You are ready to accept life’s responsibilities. You are acknowledging your own beauty and emotional appeal. This dream means inner turmoil. You are revealing your true self.

Dreaming of Miscarry and Baby

Miscarry in your dream points at characteristics which you have not acknowledged or incorporated into your own personality. Some of your conservative views are in conflict with your liberal and wild side. You are seeking guidance and advice. Your dream is a metaphor for friendships or relationships that have gone awry. You look out for those who are near and dear to you.

Miscarry in this dream refers to some fears or anxieties about femininity (if you are female) and your masculinity (if you are male). You may be feeling overextended. You feel unready or unprepared about a new endeavor. This dream points to a disturbing influence or some misunderstanding within your social circle. You need to sort out some issue in your life.

Baby in dream is missed opportunities. You obey others without question. You are being followed or chased. This dream is an indication for your concerns over food and health issues. You need to learn to balance when to reveal information about yourself and when to hold back.

Baby dream signals your desire or need to escape from a restrictive situation or relationship. You are spacing out. There may be an obstacle ahead for you. This dream represents some sort of self-guilt and the debt that you owe to society. You need to break down the walls that you have created around you.

Dream about both “Miscarry” and “Baby” is a sign for a fear of losing your place in the world. Little things can add up to be a major issue later if not addressed immediately. You may be spilling your guts out to others and sharing aspects of yourself which you have previously kept to yourself. The dream is an alert for darkness, death and rebirth. You are unable to shed some burden.

Dream about miscarried baby signifies your lofty aspirations. You are experiencing a lot of stress and tension. Perhaps you are curious about something. The dream refers to your creativity and mind power. You are excited about something.

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