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Dream about mongoose bite

Dream about Mongoose Bite states frugality. You may have risen to a higher level of consciousness and are looking at the world from an elevated viewpoint. You are making a career change or getting a promotion. Your dream points to your willingness to compromise your beliefs toward a greater accomplishment. You are laying out some new project or endeavor.

Mongoose Bite points at a need for security and nurturance. You are feeling the weight of life’s daily demands piled onto you. You are feeling undervalued or under-appreciated. The dream points to your persuasiveness and spontaneity. You are experiencing some communication issues.

Dreaming of Mongoose and Bite

Mongoose in your dream denotes your supportive or nurturing nature and is associated with feminine qualities. You are being deceitful, cunning or manipulative. You need to stop reliving the past and learn to let go. Your dream draws attention to suppressed emotions that are coming to the surface and needing to be addressed. Perhaps someone is looking for your help in something.

Bite in dream means your inner strengths and weaknesses. You tend to take on more than you can handle. You are looking forward to a getaway. This dream points at your subconscious drives. There are some unknown aspects of yourself that you need to find out about and incorporate into your character.

Dream about both “Mongoose” and “Bite” is a premonition for your preoccupation with a problem that has given you much anxiety. You are trying to pass off something as your own. Your anger is being misdirected. This dream is repressed memories, fears, or rejected emotions. You are trying to hard to impress others.

Dream about mongoose bite points to your need to rejuvenate and restore your body, mind and spirit. With perseverance and strong-will, you will make it far in life. You are feeling mortified. The dream is a harbinger for your willingness to share or help others. It is best not to get involved in a situation.

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I was dream of a mongoose bite me and i cant let it go from my hand but i see the only option is to kill the mongoose so i squeeze the mongoose till it dies. What kind of dream i have?

David Wanless Jr

Saw 2 black mongooses in the desert

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