Dream about mothers funeral

Dream about Mothers Funeral is about joyous occasions and happiness. You are ready to make a major change in your life. You feel you are talking to yourself. Your dream is a clue for the connection between the female and the male. You need to take things one at a time.

Mothers Funeral signifies ability to balance many responsibilities at the same time. You may still in be the planning stages of some situation or project. You need to listen up. Your dream denotes rewards, prosperity and spirituality. You are completely secure about your status and position in your life.

Dreaming of Mother and Funeral

Mother in your dream expresses a conflict between your primal urges and your rational mind. Perhaps you are interfering into situations and things that are none of your business. You tend to not let your emotions get in the way of your decisions. The dream refers to your introverted personality. Your plans or goals will be changed or delayed.

Mother in this dream signifies your mother. You need to gain a better perspective or wider view on something. You are feeling fenced in some situation or confined in some relationship. Your dream symbolises your desire to be looked up to. You need to be quick to react in a situation or else the opportunity will pass you by.

Funeral in dream symbolises your emotions and how cold and rigid you are behaving. You have accepted aspects of a relationship and learned from those past mistakes. You need to act with deliberate action and precision. Your dream is a sign for minor interruptions and annoyances. You need to distance yourself from an unhealthy relationship.

Funeral dream is a premonition for feelings of insecurity or inadequacy. You are always on the lookout for anybody who is trying to out-maneuver, out-rank, or out-wit you. You have limited options. Your dream stands for a period of isolation or loneliness. You need to set your goals higher.

Dream about both “Mother” and “Funeral” is a harbinger for wasted energy or wasted emotion that you have spent on a situation or relationship. You need to use your position and leverage to get what you want. You are trying to divert attention elsewhere, other than yourself. Your dream is unfortunately an admonition for destructive feelings, stinging remarks, bitter words and negative thoughts being expressed by or aimed against you. There is a situation or relationship in your life that may be potentially destructive.

Dream about mothers funeral signifies selfless love, compassion, spiritual harmony and ideal motherhood. You are being held back on some area of your life. You are expressing some regret in your actions. This dream symbolises a guide of the soul. You are expressing your tender side and a desire to be close to someone.

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I dreamed about my mom funeral and I was the only one there? What does that mean? We were very close! She passed away 2 months ago


I dreamt about my mother’s funeral at home with family and friends but didn’t get to the burial site. In that ceremony I had to organise a collection of a dead male body in our neighbor’s yard and 2 guys from my mom’s funeral helped me with that but that part got nowhere.


I dreamed of being late for my mother’s funeral, I was wearing white the casket was white, there was like a plastic white covering over the casket like to keep it from getting wet. When I got there were other people on the front row sitting where the family sits. One of the ladies sitting there gave me a big hug when I got there. I sat down and that was pretty much it….my mom died Feb 2, 2022.


My boy friend’s mother has been passed away for a few years. He had a dream he was at his mother’s funeral. But everyone was happy and wearing colourful clothes, and he had a feeling his mum was physically standing next to him in the dream…. But then at the end of the funeral he ate a car tyre lol what does all of this mean?


My mother passed away a month ago. We burried her and I went back to work. But now every night when I sleep, I see the whole thing…from preparations till the day of the funeral. I dream about this every night.