Dream about moving

Dream about Moving stands for your fear of betrayal and your untrusting nature. You are butting heads with someone in your life. You have completely lost your mind. Your dream is a harbinger for your need to be rescued or to be swept off your feet. Your desires or wishes will be fulfilled.

Moving denotes imbalance, struggle, worry and trouble in some personal situation or business matter. Perhaps, your feelings of hate are beginning to show through. You have to live with the consequences of your own decisions. Your dream means disapproval. You are lacking love.

Dream about Move [the act of deciding to do something] is a clue for the sun, the moon and the five main planets. You need everything to be in place. You are isolating yourself from others. This dream is a symbol for your sense of mortality. You are looking to be gratified in some area of your life.

Dream about Move [the act of changing your residence or place of business] signals your anxiety about a work related issue. You need to lay things out specifically and do things in an orderly and sequential manner. You are going around in a vicious circle. Your dream indicates something you are trying to say and convey. You need to remember that communication is two-way.

Dream about Motion [a change of position that does not entail a change of location] is a symbol for your legacy and how you want to be remembered. Perhaps you are letting others persuade you into doing something you don’t really want to. You may have maximized the usefulness of a certain circumstance. The dream symbolises an end to the difficult times and the beginning of relaxation. You need to let go of some of that defensiveness that you have been putting forth as a result of a past relationship.

Dream about Motion [the act of changing location from one place to another] is an evidence for your determination and drive to push forward in any circumstance. Your mental and emotional health is being neglected. You feel that your relationship is one-sided. The dream denotes your state of feeling bothered or agitated. You may be stuck in the past.

Dream about Move [(game) a player’s turn to take some action permitted by the rules of the game] is a harbinger for some overwhelming task or emotion that you are going through in your life. Perhaps you are experiencing mixed feelings about something or someone. Something is out of order (not working). This dream represents your need or ability to accept criticism. Perhaps you need to be careful about what you or someone else is saying.

Dream about Travel [change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically] is a portent for how you manipulate your surroundings. You need to remember to focus on each other. You need to look past the exterior and focus on the inside. The dream represents sorrow, disillusionment, or betrayal. You are trying to escape from reality.

Dream about Move [cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense] is a symbol for your need to take better care of your Self. You are feeling powerless, anxious or frustrated. You are refusing or rejecting some advice. The dream suggests your anxieties and fears about the surgery, recovery and life after surgery. It is time for self-exploration, self-reflection and introspection.

Dream about Move [move so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion] indicates uncertainty in wealth. You have no privacy. You think you are above others and have a tendency to look down on people. Your dream states death and destruction. You are reaching for the stars.

Dream about Move [change residence, affiliation, or place of employment] stands for for you to recognize and acknowledge some repressing feelings. You need to incorporate the various aspects of the crowd into your own persona. You are holding back your true feelings about something. This dream points to emotional issues and tensions. You need to assess some hidden information within your subconscious.

Dream about Go is pressures about your weight and body issues. You are trying to hide your true Self. You may unprepared in some situation or challenge in your life. This dream signifies your actual concerns about a relationship or your desires to have children. You need to protect yourself from your own drive.

Dream about Be Active [be in a state of action] stands for you need to let go of your pride and seek help when you need it. You are seeking validation and acknowledgement for your achievements. You that you are putting too much faith on outside sources. The dream represents your promise and to not let someone down. You do not need to overlook the seemingly insignificant things in life.

Dream about Move [go or proceed from one point to another] hints feelings of insecurity or doubt. Perhaps you wish to incorporate the qualities of others into yourself. You are looking for some completion or closure in some matter. This dream stands for a situation that requires swift action and quick decision. You need to consider new and better way of doing things.

Dream about Act [perform an action, or work out or perform (an action)] indicates a father figure in your real life. You have missed or lost an opportunity. You may be expressing some fear or frustration especially when something is not going as planned. Your dream is an omen for a traumatic or devastating end to a situation or relationship. Your emotion may be holding you back.

Dream about Affect [have an emotional or cognitive impact upon] is a clue for your need to settle down. You need to gather your attention into your life and accept some difficult situation. You are not facing reality. Your dream hints grief, anger, or distress. You are looking for a some guidance and direction in confronting your emotions.

Dream about Motivate [give an incentive for action] hints the limit you have set for yourself. Perhaps there is an issue that you need to address with a lady. You are being slammed with responsibilities, deadlines or problems. This dream is about someone in your life who has character flaws and imperfections, but you accept them. You are trying to balance your intellectual/mental nature with your physical nature.

Dream about Move [arouse sympathy or compassion in] is about regression or repressed thoughts. You are repressing what you really desire most. You are trying to escape a situation or issue instead of confronting it. Your dream means an obsession, an addiction, a codependent or abusive relationship or something that is beyond your control. You need to apply what you learned and incorporate it into your daily life.

Dream about Move [dispose of by selling] is a message for the Self, wholeness and completion. You need to be more religious or that you need to be more spiritual. Perhaps you need to adopt some of your good qualities into some situation. Your dream is an evidence for a pessimistic outlook. You are in need of encouragement and motivation.

Dream about Move [progress by being changed] suggests sadness, unresolved grief or your fears about death. Your rational thinking is in accordance with your emotional thinking. You are recognizing a part of yourself that was previously repressed or undeveloped. This dream is a harbinger for your need for a quick fix or an escape from reality. Perhaps, you are too idealistic.

Dream about Move [live one’s life in a specified environment] is a metaphor for your desire to escape from your daily demands and problems. You are exposing yourself to danger. You are trying desperately to escape. Your dream represents the past. You need to be less codependent.

Dream about Move [have a turn; make one’s move in a game] is a portent for getting things done. Perhaps you are lacking knowledge or awareness in some area or issue. You are feeling overwhelmed or stressed at work. This dream is a clue for your readiness to fight and defend yourself. You tend to put other’s needs ahead of your own.

Dream about Move [propose formally; in a debate or parliamentary meeting] is a signal for a need for change or a deviation from your normal routine. You are being deceitful, cunning or manipulative. You are compensating for your inner feelings of emptiness. This dream stands for an aspect of yourself that is unfamiliar or strange to you. You are being manipulated and deceived.

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I dreamt about my friend telling me he wants to move to Greece and find a job there but has a hard time finding a job in his field. I was shocked and didn’t expect that since he doesn’t know Greek very well. Suddenly he tells me he majored in Greek in college and has been translating as a job from Greek (as opposed to his real job being a Translator of Dutch/French and majoring in Dutch/French/Italian). I know he likes Greek culture and all but him wanting to move there, shocked me.