Dream about needing

Dream about Needing is a signal for pointing toward forgiveness and letting go. An issue in your life may be clearing up. You are taking drastic measures to rid yourself of all the responsibilities and things that are weighing you down. Your dream draws attention to your desires to know the unknown. Perhaps you feel that you are being held back either by your own fears or by others.

Needing is feelings of patriotism and duty to country. You are becoming too dependent on others. You don’t need to be shy about asking for help when you need it. Your dream refers to the many components that make up your emotional blueprint. You are trying to hold together a relationship.

Dream about Need [a condition requiring relief] refers to togetherness and social gatherings. You are in control. You do not have all the facts needed to make a good and sound decision. This dream is an indication for a major conflict in your life. You are being racked.

Dream about Need [anything that is necessary but lacking] is an omen for a need for self-renewal and escape from everyday problems. Your expectations will collapse. You are feeling confined by what society considers normal. The dream stands for some illness or death. You need to approach your goals from a different angle.

Dream about Motivation [the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior] is a harbinger for your sensuality and indulgence. You are ready for a change in your life. You are let down by someone you relied on and trusted. Your dream hints a simpler time or to a time where you felt a certain way. You need to trust your instincts or that you need to utilize your instincts more.

Dream about Indigence [a state of extreme poverty or destitution] symbolises some very deep pain or internal conflict within your soul. You need to take things a little slower. You are waffling or undecided over some matter. This dream is a signal for you not to take the day to day things for granted. You need to pay closer attention to a problem or issue.

Dream about Necessitate [require as useful, just, or proper] is an omen for purification and cleansing. You are unyielding in your thinking and beliefs, which may hinder you in the pursuit of your goals. You need to let go of the past. The dream is a clue for your stress level about planning an party or an event. You are experiencing abundance in some area of your life.

Dream about Want [have need of] draws attention to criticism and gossip. There is something that you are longing for and missing in your life. You do not ask for much to make you happy. The dream is a signal for your self-importance. Perhaps you need to incorporate aspects of a person into your own character.

Dream about Need [have or feel a need for] is about some environmental issue that you are concerned about or involved with. There is some learning you need to do in order to get ahead in life. You may be expressing some regret or remorse over your actions. The dream is an evidence for someone who would do anything for you or that you yourself are the one who is whipped. Perhaps you are just taking a breather from life’s fast pace.

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I had a dream that someone told me that people needed me and I said Yes, I have been told…