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Dream about nipple piercing

Dream about Nipple Piercing is an omen for clarity to a situation. You are undergoing major changes in your life. You are looking at life from a new perspective and accessing your highest potential. The dream means success and prominence. You are experiencing some intense emotions and passionate emotional feelings.

Nipple Piercing signals innocence abstinence and virginity. You are feeling empowered. You are harvesting some creative energy. The dream is sometimes a final end to something and the beginning of a new stage. Your intentions will be made known.

Dreaming of Nipple and Pierce

Nipple in your dream suggests someone that tickles your fancy. Someone close to you is withdrawn. You are trying to fit in and act in accordance with what is acceptable by society. The dream is a symbol for your aspirations and desires for recognition or fame. Feelings of resentment is taking over you.

Pierce in dream is a hint for someone in your life who has a sense of humor or someone who is laughing at you. Perhaps you need to let go of a bad relationship. You need to channel your emotions in a more effective way. This dream suggests your protective instincts and attentiveness to a situation. You need to express your anger and feelings more directly.

Dream about both “Nipple” and “Pierce” denotes some instability and lack of control in your life. You are seeking some intimate closeness that is lacking in some relationship. You are involved in a situation that is destructive to your well being. The dream is sadly an admonition for your lacking awareness of something in your life. You are experiencing difficulties in your work/family life.

Dream about nipple piercing stands for some unresolved issues with your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. Perhaps you are showing your delicate and feminize side. You are rejecting some aspect of society. Your dream is a symbol for unexpected gain due to the action of others. You have compassion for others.

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