Dream about obituary

Dream about Obituary is your desire to belong to a larger group or to develop an aspect of your character on a more public level. You will find resolution by looking within yourself and your past. You need to look toward the future instead of reliving the past. Your dream is a harbinger for a situation in which you felt unable to do anything. You are being accepted into some circle.

Obituary is a signal for control, empowerment or manipulation. You are accepting and welcoming your stronger assertive personality. Perhaps you are being taken advantage of. This dream symbolises your hospitality and sociability. You may be trying to shield yourself or be less noticeable.

Dream about Obituary [a notice of someone’s death; usually includes a short biography] is a premonition for your reservations about embarking in a new relationship or situation. Perhaps you are afraid of taking responsibility. You are in denial about something. This dream is a sign for financial worries and concerns. Something requires your immediate action.

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