Dream about old bed

Dream about Old Bed points at your need for warmth, spiritual nourishment and some emotional healing. You need to hone your sense of power and use that power to your advantage. Some choice or gift comes with strings attached. The dream suggests your closeness and relationship with a particular person. You feel that someone or some situation is sucking the life right out of you.

Old Bed is a message for your striking performance and stellar ability. There is a fine line between helping others and letting them take advantage of you. You need to enjoy life and learn from the little obstacles that it has to offer. This dream points at a new found flare in your life. You are laying out some new project or endeavor.

Dreaming of Old and Bed

Old in your dream hints flexibility in your way of thinking. Your feelings of being annoyed or irritated. You are taking little steps toward your goals and pacing yourself. Your dream is pressures about your weight and body issues. A life situation is playing out similarly to a past one.

Old in this dream is a symbol for the repressed and dark aspects of yourself. You need to reevaluate your own character. Perhaps you are feeling inadequate and that you don’t measure up. The dream indicates feelings that have been downplayed and overlooked. You need to stay focus.

Bed in dream draws attention to of a transitional stage occurring in your life. You are ready to grow. You are afraid of not knowing what is in store for you in the future. Your dream signifies your uniqueness and dependability. You are searching for your individual self and for a more meaningful existence.

Bed dream expresses your own insecurities and self-doubt. Someone may be taking you to the cleaners. You need to back off of a fight or situation. Your dream is a symbol for the building blocks or foundation of some plan. You need to make the best out of a bad situation.

Dream about both “Old” and “Bed” states deception, incompetence, false impressions, pretentiousness and falsehood. You are not utilizing your fullest potential. You are confused or unclear about where you are headed in life. The dream sadly draws attention to a lack of self-worth. You may be experiencing some insecurity in your relations with the opposite gender.

Dream about old bed is an evidence for inspiration and idealistic notions. You are feeling ostracized or shunned. You are sharing something. The dream hints how you are doing well. An important message or vision will be made known to you.

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My old bed was at the airport with some old bedding and clothes. All these things were laying on the airport strip. I went to go get them with my baby father and daughter, later a airport employee wanted to call social workers on us because our baby was crying. They let us go with a warning, I packed the beddings, clothes and burnt the old bed. And left the airport with my aunt