Dream about old boss

Dream about Old Boss is a hint for self discovery. You want to be more adventurous. You are taking a drastic, new approach to some issue in your life. This dream is a signal for some emotional turmoil. You are on a new path.

Old Boss symbolises a situation you are refusing to see or confront, but are aware of it in some passive way. Sometimes you need the support of those around you to help you achieve your goals. Success will come as a result of your determination. The dream is about a strong sense of spirituality and divinity. You are feeling disconnected from life and society and want to make a fresh start.

Dreaming of Old and Bos

Old in your dream indicates a situation or relationship that you need to soothe over. Perhaps you are searching for a little more variety or excitement. You are doing all the work to make it easier for others later on. The dream denotes over consumption. You are being shut out.

Old in this dream states your need for leisure and relaxation. You need to be more expressive about your feelings. You need to explore all your options no matter how strange or illogical it may be. This dream is a premonition for your past memories and experiences. You need to approach some situation more slowly.

Bos in dream is a metaphor for wild and erratic behavior. You are blocking something out or you are shutting yourself out. Perhaps, you need to look at things from a different perspective. This dream is a portent for your legacy or reputation. You need to release some pent up anger or tension.

Bos dream is a symbol for your concerns, fears and anxieties about the future. You feel left behind while everyone around you is doing new things or going in new direction. Something in your life is in jeopardy of breaking down due to stress. This dream indicates some frustration in your life. You need to get a grip on things.

Dream about both “Old” and “Bos” is unfortunately a warning alert for something that is unattainable or something that you failed to achieve. You feel trapped or suffocated in a situation or condition. You are lacking a social life. Your dream suggests your own fears of contracting a disease or your deteriorating health. You are refusing to acknowledge and confront your feelings because it may be too painful or too fresh.

Dream about old boss represents your talents and your ability to communicate with others. Some relationship or situation is evolving and moving into a new phase. You have a clearer understanding of things. This dream is sometimes sudden awareness of the power you hold. You are being submerged in your own emotions.

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Dream of seeing my two previous female managers (note that they are best friends) talking behind my back while walking. I’m not sure if its about me but they were mentioning a name “Julie”. Also, it seems that they are following me while walking and talking to each other.


I have dreamt about my old manager whom I highly look up to and lately she has been appearing in my dreams that I was at my old work place working there and one where we were waiting at the bus stop and she seemed quiet at first then started talking when we were walking


I dream my last superior manager a while ago. Talking bad words about me to my old coworker after when I resigned at work. What does it mean?


I dreamt that I was now the boss of my old boss.


I dreamt my boss came with my formal boss to the office. I was surprised seeing him and the ground was halfway wet so he was wearing his skirting shoes. my current boss and I was looking at him as in we were all surprised he was putting on skirting shoes before he will come inside our office. So when he came in and saw mhi he was also surprised n was like eii vic this is where u work,n I said yes we issued hand blow greetings and he asked how are you which I replied and went into my bosses offi