Dream about old elementary school

Dream about Old Elementary School represents devotion and sense of community. You are preparing to confront your emotions. You are undertaking responsibilities that will give you a lot of anxiety. The dream means success, prosperity and wealth. You may feel indebted to others.

Old in your dream means a person, situation, or relationship that you want to distance yourself from. There are some characteristics that you are refusing to acknowledge or incorporate into your Self. You need some intellectual stimulation. This dream is a premonition for some changes are necessary for you to adapt to a new situation. Perhaps there is something that are you trying to hide.

Elementary dream is repressed emotions and unexpressed feelings. Perhaps you need to extend a helping hand to someone who is in need. You need to exercise some control and objectiveness. This dream is a conflict between your primal urges and your rational mind. You are dealing with some situation.

School in this dream hints your cold emotions and frigid ways. You are comparing yourself to the ex. You need to distance yourself from others or from a situation. This dream stands for flexibility in your way of thinking. You are holding on to the past and need to learn to let go.

Dreaming of Old and Elementary and School

Old and Elementary represents changes and transformation. You have learned from your past experiences. Some elements contribute to various aspect of your well-being. The dream points to depression. Happiness and fortune will be in your grasp.

Dream About Old School is a sign for comfort, safety, homeliness, protection, or new opportunities. You are filled with inspirational power and enlightenment. A situation or event has caused your life to come to a standstill. This dream is a clue for your ability to enjoy the simpler things in life. You are seeking spiritual nourishment or just conversation.

Dream About Elementary School is a premonition for emotional freedom. You are undergoing a drastic transformation. You are seeking spiritual nourishment or just conversation. This dream refers to genuine fear and parallels your feelings of horror. It takes time and effort to hone and improve your skill.

Dream about Old Elementary School is an evidence for longevity and long term goals. The odds are working against you. It is important to keep your hope alive. This dream is a symbol for your desires to connect to a person in a more loving way. Something is about to be exposed or come into consciousness.

Sometimes, dream about old elementary school suggests losses and deception. You are unsure with how to proceed with your life. You may feel left out in a relationship and or that you are unable to share in all his/her experiences. The dream sadly draws attention to your anxieties and insecurities over the notion that loved ones might disappear out of your life. You are ignoring some obvious truth.

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