Dream about old school and old friends

Dream about Old School And Old Friends points to an end to an addiction. You need to purify your mind, heart and body. You fit in with anybody and anywhere. This dream is a message for your accomplishments and hopes for the future. You are acknowledging your need for help.

Dream about Old School And Old Friends states the possibilities and your imagination. You are self sufficient. Someone is mocking you or making fun on you. The dream points at completion, a fresh start and new transition. You are the object of much admiration.

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Saw I gave an old friend access to my money and he over spend more than expected. I was mad and I called him, he couldn’t explain but gave an excuse that he would call me back


I had a dream of studing for exams and giving exams with my school best friends. There were couple of exam, my best friend got good marks in mathematics while I got in other. Then me with my close school friends trying to find some place together may be for some project…

Mechy bobo

I was in an examination hall with my old high school mate, mathematics was the subject,didn’t know mathematics,but did little and submitted,
Later we were waiting for the good guys amongst us to finish up,(the bright brains then )the waiting was long though.

Mechy bobo

Saw some of my old friends and aquaintance dressed in suit and singing in a choir,was also in suit but not happy cos I don’t feel like singing with them.
They seem happier than i.and this makes me feel isolated.


I was sitting at a table and an old friend at the table was complaining that I don’t talk to her I told her to figure it out herself and I kept walking away she kept getting belligerent and bringing up past people I no longer talk to and I kept walking away and decided to talk into a store and look at really expensive purses and the only colors they had were black


today i had a dream about walking in my old school seeing old freinds but the school is now nocked down and i was with my freind knew for a long time and plus we were jus walking around the school going into classes


I dreamt I was in my old school with my old schoolmates. We were in our old uniforms even though some of us were not in the full accepted attire. We had an assembly and we were informed there that we needed to learn something we didn’t do before so we were made to come back for that.
Someone came through the assembly and was inspecting our uniform. Even though my trouser wasn’t the prescribed uniform I was pardoned because of my prescribed shirt.


Hi again! I dreamed that I was at school in one of my English classes and I was trapped with no doors inside. Then I remember seeing my friends from another class that I missed sitting down and talking to me just like old times but as it got to the end of the day I decided to go home but since there weren’t any doors I was stuck but someone in my class showed me the way out as she was opening the class whiteboard in front of me and leading me outside.