Dream about painted horse

Dream about Painted Horse hints your need for spiritual renewal and healing. You are moving away from only looking out for yourself to caring for somebody else. You are feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Your dream is a symbol for a flow of ideas, your connection to a situation to others and flow of information. You will hear some indiscreet activities from that person.

Painted Horse states your self-expression and creativity. There is an important life lesson that you need to learn. You are going through an emotional conflict and it is pulling you in two directions. Your dream is a portent for a steady progress and steady climb up the social ladder. You are seeking encouragement and self motivation.

Dreaming of Painted and Horse

Painted dream hints your desires to knock others out of your path in order to achieve your own goals. Perhaps you need to get to the root of some problem in your life. You need to find a way to divert attention from something else. The dream refers to someone in your life who shares that same ideals and thoughts. You have broken free from a cycle or habit.

Painted in this dream is about some minor disputes. Maybe you are being too idealistic and things. You may finally be recognizing and acknowledging an aspect of yourself that was not previously expressed. The dream is an indication for your repressed instincts. You need to be careful with your words and actions.

Horse in dream points to your determination and drive to push forward in any circumstance. You are carrying too many responsibilities. You need to get out from under the shadow and gain a different perspective on things. Your dream means your tendency to wallow and dwell on your emotions. You are experiencing an obstacle toward your career goal or in your relationship.

Horse dream represents an idea. You need to watch your spending. You are pretending to be something you are not. This dream is a metaphor for mental work. Perhaps you are being too self-centered.

Dream about both “Painted” and “Horse” points at your inability to make yourself heard and express yourself clearly. You are feeling unsatisfied or something is missing in your relationship. You may be trying to solve a problem and seek out the truth about some worrisome issue. This dream is sadly an alert for missed and lost opportunities. You want to put yourself in someone’s place so you can better relate to what they are going through or experiencing.

Dream about painted horse expresses you need to be more compassionate and sympathetic to others. You are you ready to confront some issues in your subconscious. You have achieved something which you thought you could not do. This dream hints strength and persistence. You will benefit from your hard work.

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Thomas Woodall

I fell face down in an achient meadow and ended up in the unearthly world. I met a hare and a painted horse. They have been teachers to me. What do you think


I dreamt Someone I like asked to see my bedroom. When we entered he then surprised me with 3 painting on mounted on the wall. One of a horse , and elephant and a bridge . What does this meaning?