Dream about partner being pregnant

Dream about Partner Being Pregnant points at some important emotional matter or valuable insight. You are lying to yourself. You are opening yourself up to new experiences and insights. This dream refers to your influences and how they work in guiding you through your life’s path. You are so focused on your responsibilities that you are neglecting your own feelings and needs.

Partner in your dream is a situation where you are acting inappropriately. Perhaps you are in a state of depression or wallowing in your negative feelings. You are having difficulties expressing your real feelings. This dream draws attention to disappointments and severed relationships. You may be trying to blame someone for something.

Be dream is a symbol for a need for cleansing. You need to get rid of something in your life. Perhaps a situation or relationship has turned sour. Your dream points at reward, honor, recognition and praise for your achievements. You need to project your voice.

Pregnant in this dream is a signal for repressed emotions or feelings that needs to be released. You have some repressed aggression or rage at yourself or at someone. You are trying to merge various aspects of your character and personality. The dream suggests suppressed emotions that are coming to the surface and needing to be addressed. You need to express and acknowledge your masculine side if you are female or your feminine side if you are male.

Dreaming of Partner and Be and Pregnant

Dream About Partner Being represents insight. You are in touch with a higher plane and an elevated sense of spirituality. You are unwilling to confront some painful and disturbing aspect of your subconscious. The dream hints gentleness, sweetness, compassion, wisdom, peace, longevity and joy. You are looking back on the positive experiences and good times that you shared with your past love.

Dream About Partner Pregnant is a sign for your desire for acceptance and affection. Perhaps, it is time to make a new start. You feel others are walking all over you and taking advantage you. The dream expresses a challenge that will test your character and ability. You are doing your best to keep it together while still looking your best.

Dream About Be Pregnant is an indication for life experiences. Your suppressed emotions are about to explode. You like not knowing about certain things. This dream points at the creative and intuitive side of your character. You feel you are being overlooked.

Dream about Partner Being Pregnant denotes male emotions and climax. You may feel that someone is pushing their beliefs and ideas onto you. You hold the power in your own hands. This dream stands for virility, longevity and life. You may be going through a period of self-discovery.

Sometimes, dream about partner being pregnant is a clue for failure in moving toward your goals. You also tend to open yourself too easily which makes you vulnerable. You need to escape and get away from the daily grind and unwind. The dream draws attention to phoniness, fakeness and deceit. You are not letting something or someone get in your way of your goals.

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